Machiko Noguchi

    Character » Machiko Noguchi appears in 30 issues.

    A 22nd century woman who became a member of a clan of the alien species known as Predators.

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    Machiko is a human woman of Japanese descent. As a young woman, Machiko witnessed her father, Akira Noguchi, commit seppuku (a suicide honor-killing) when he was fired from the Yashido company for embezzlement. Before dying, Akira told his daughter to restore their family's honor; he'd composed a Death Poem for Machiko, but her mother, Keiko, refused to let her read it until many years later. Machiko would grow up to be a loner, but hoping to fulfill her father's wishes she began training in martial arts.

    Major Story Arcs

    Regaining her Honor

    Later in life, Machiko sought to regain her family's honor by working for the Chigusa Corporation. She would managed to rise through the ranks to a managerial position, and ended up being stationed at Prosperity Wells, on the planet Ryushi. Machiko was originally not well liked there, primarily for her loner nature and unwillingness to get to know the local settlers like her predecessor, who was very well liked. Machiko's life changed drastically however, when a Predator hunting party came to Ryushi to seed the planet with Xenomorph eggs. Unfortunately, the Predators were unaware that humans had started colonizing the planet recently, just as they were also unaware that the Queen that had laid the eggs had secretly managed to sneak a queen egg into the batch. After an altercation with the colony's doctor who managed to injure the clan leader, the younger Predators of the group began hunting every human they came across - whether armed, unarmed, young, or old.

    After many conflicts, Machiko gained a friendship with the Predator leader, Dachande. This relationship led Dachande to giving Machiko the Predator name Da'dtou-di (meaning "small knife") and accepting her as a human Predator. Machiko eventually even managed to slay a Xenomorph Queen, and kept its head as a trophy.

    Living With the Predators

    Because she now bore the mark of Dachande, Machiko was allowed to hunt alongside a clan of the Predator hunters. Over the years, she came to prove her strength and skill in the ways of the hunt, but she was still often ridiculed by Predators because of the fact that she was nevertheless, still a human. When she gained her own armor however, she finally managed to gain some respect. Machiko also later took part in a successful hunt to capture a Xenomorph Queen alive for an upcoming hunt with several other clans.

    Bellatrix 2

    A year or so after the Xenomorph Queen hunt, Machiko began to feel as if she didn't truly belong with the Predators, and when her clan embarked on a human-killing mission, she ultimately came to choose being human over being a Predator. Machiko therefore abandoned the Predators, and settled down on Bellatrix 2, a settlement just off the left of Orion's shoulder.

    However, after returning to her rather mundane life, Machiko began to crave for the freedom of the hunt once again. And so, when she received an offer one day, from a wealthy man named Livermore Evanston to attend his very own hunting planet, she promptly accepted. She eventually came to run her own business as a guide for hunting parties.

    AVP: Three World War

    When a group known as Killer Predators attacked a human mining colony, Machiko's aid was requested for by the Colonial Marines. She initially refused to even listen to what they had to say to her, but when she was shown footage of the attack on the mining colony, she quickly became interested. Realizing the threat that these Killers presented to virtually all life, she agreed to help. She then went with the Marines to Ryushi in order to seek out her former Predator clan. Once they found the clan, Machiko swiftly killed one of the Predators as a show of dominance and negotiations for an alliance with the Predators began.

    Powers & Abilities

    Machiko Noguchi is a woman of exceptional strength, skill, and ability to adapt to her situation. Despite the fact that as a human, she is considerably weaker than an average Predator, she has still held her own against them on several occasions, as well as against Xenomorphs.

    She has extensive and intimate knowledge of Predator culture and society, and is quite fluent in their customs and behavior.

    Machiko typically makes use of various Predator equipment in battle, namely weapons and armor, but she also has experience with conventional human weaponry, as well as various forms of unarmed combat.


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