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    Three people have used the alias Machete. The current is Mariano López. Ferdinand López, the first known Machete was a member of Batroc's Brigade and a mercenary for hire.

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    The deadly mercenary known as Machete.
    The deadly mercenary known as Machete.

    Ferdinand Lopez, the first known Machete was a former revolutionary in South America. He became a mercenary for hire to earn money so he can help his brothers in the revolt. His first encounter with Captain America was a failure when he was unable to defeat him in combat. Afterwards, he met with Zaran and Batroc to form a new Batroc's Brigade. Machete would have numerous encounters with Captain America and other heroes throughout the years as a member of Batroc's Brigade. Machete would be one of numerous assassins hired by the man called the Architect to come to New York. The Architect offers big money to the first assassin that can kill him. Machete would face Taskmaster during that assignment but is defeated in combat.

    Apparently a serial killer named Zeitgeist was taking out superhuman beings from South America and Machete seemed to be another victim.

    U.S. AGENT

    It was however later revealed that Machete had survived his encounter with Zeitgeist and was alive and well. He was now working with a Hydra cell in Spain when John Walker (U.S. Agent)'s organization S.T.A.R.S. tried to capture him. In the ensuing battle, Machete was shot in the head by one of the S.T.A.R.S. soldiers and was killed on the spot.


    Machete was created by Michael Carlin and Paul Neary in 1985 and first appeared in Captain America # 302.

    Story Arcs

    Currently, a new Machete has appeared and is actually Ferdinand's brother. The new Machete would reunite with the Batroc's Brigade and attack a hospital in Newark. Machete and his comrades are defeated by members of the Thunderbolts and Photon.

    GLA Misassembled

    Machete reappears months later with Batroc's Brigade since their services were needed by Maelstrom. He hired the Brigade to steal some equipment from the Roxxon company but Machete, Batroc and Zaran are defeated by the Great Lakes Avengers.

    London Falling

    Machete would reappear with numerous criminals and join a terrorist organization called RAID. These criminals are suppose to strategically strike numerous areas in London. Machete and his partner Zaran are defeated by the combined forces of Sabra, Contessa Fontaine, Arabian Knight and Union Jack.

    Abilities & Paraphernalia

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    Machete is a skilled mercenary who specializes in bladed weapons. He normally carries two three-foot machetes and a number of throwing knives. Machete also wears a bulletproof kevlar jacket and magnetic gauntlets so he can retrieve his bladed weapons from short distances. He also has an extensive knowledge of guerrilla warfare tactics. The new Machete has added new arsenal and upgrades to his weapons. He can fire multiple blades from his wrist gauntlet and they are also capable of exploding on contact. His machete is also energized which causes more damage.

    Other Media

    Video Games

    Machete appears in the video game The Amazing Spider-Man and Captain America in Doctor Doom's Revenge as a boss character.


    Machete (Ferdinand Lopez) makes an appearance in the 2014 Marvel Studios film Captain America The Winter Soldier. He is shown as a member of Batroc's crew of pirates. He is portrayed by actor Adetokumboh M'Cormack.


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