MACH-VII Armor

    Object » MACH-VII Armor appears in 7 issues.

    The seventh in the MACH-series of armor created and worn by Abe Jenkins. Interestingly, MACH-VI was never shown and Abe has gone from MACH-V to MACH-VII off-panel.

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    The MACH-VII Armor was developed by Abe sometime between leaving the employ of F.A.C.T. and The Raft and his becoming a NYC Parole officer for supervillains. Unlike previous MACH armors, this suit was not built with the assistance of Fixer or the V-Battalion, nor with government funding, which perhaps accounts for its less impressive appearance and armory.

    Abe later wore the armor while working as a contractor for S.H.I.E.L.D. at Pleasant Hill. The armor had a different appearance more reminiscent of the MACH-IV Armor. It is unknown if there were any technical enhancements or merely cosmetic changed between these two armor.


    Like most of Abe's MACH armors, the MACH-VII armor allows Abe to shrug off most conventional weapons, and fly at high speeds. It also includes an arsenal of cutting-edge weaponry.


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