MACH-II Armor

    Object » MACH-II Armor appears in 18 issues.

    Second in the M.A.C.H. series of armors created and worn by Abe Jenkins.

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    The MACH-2 armor was designed by Abe Jenkins, assisted by Techno in the guise of Ogre to replace the Beetle Armor Mk. III and forge Jenkins a new identity while he was supposed to be in prison.

    Abe adopted the MACH-2 identity at the same time as he adopted the alias of Matt Davis and underwent cosmetic surgery to hide from the authorities. He used the suit while fighting such foes as Sandman, Count Nefaria, and Scourge.

    When Jenkins, along with Songbird and Moonstone was offered a full pardon by the C.S.A, it was conditional upon his retirement from costumed heroics. He turned his MACH-2 armor over to the authorities, where it was either impounded or destroyed. Abe would later be given a new set of MACH-III Armor by the V-Battalion to replace the MACH-2 Armor.


    The MACH-2 armor, being created by the same principal design team of Jenkins and Fixer, was very similar in function to the MACH-I Armor. Along with the cosmetic changes designed to mask Abe's identity, the MACH-2 Armor was 47% faster than the previous iteration, and contained more powerful energy weapons to supplement the automatic firearms favored by the MACH-1 Armor.


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