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    The first M.A.C.H. armor created and worn by Abe Jenkins. Basically anything a fighter-jet can do, this suit can do in less than half the space.

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    The MACH-1 (Mobile Armored Cyber-Harness) is a new armor built by Abe Jenkins to replace his old Beetle Armor and alias to become MACH-1 after joining the Thunderbolts.

    The armor was designed based off of the fundamentals that Abe created for his first two Beetle armors, and enhanced with various systems and weapons designed by Fixer in order to keep it on the cutting edge.

    Abe debuted the armor, along with his new MACH-1 identity, fighting the Hulk along with the other founding members of the Thunderbolts. He would wear this armor as a member of the Thunderbolts until he decided to turn himself over to the authorities at the request of new team leader Hawkeye. After his release from prison by the C.S.A, he would later replace the armor with a new version of the Beetle Armor before creating a new MACH-II Armor with the assistance of Techno.


    On-board cameras gave it a 360 degree field of view. It was capable of high speeds.

    Machine guns were loaded with conventional and rubber 'mercy' rounds. Two heat-seeking missiles were mounted. A gas grenade launcher was used for smokescreens or tear gas. The armor could generate a photon burst for illumination or to temporarily blind enemies. It also had energy weapons similar.

    The helmet of the armor contained sophisticated communications technology, which Abe could use to block certain types of signals, such as the mind-control frequencies of the Enclave's Bio-Modem.

    The suit had an onboard flight computer that he could use to augment his ordinary piloting abilities, or to override aircraft navigation from the exterior.


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