Character » Maa-Gor appears in 30 issues.

    Savage Land dweller responsible for the near extinction of sabre-tooth tigers.

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    Brief History

    Maa-Gor is the leader of a tribe of primitive Cavemen living in the Savage Land. He was responsible for leading his people to the near-annihilation saber-tooth tigers in the Savage Land. Among them was the mate of Zabu. Zabu was tracking them down, seeking revenge. He found them about to attack a young Kevin Plunder ( Ka-Zar). Zabu attacked Maa-Gor just in time to save Kevin. He then scattered the rest of the tribesmen. Zabu failed to realize Maa-Gor had regained consciousness and was targeting the tiger with his spear. Kevin picked up the weapon of his killed father and shot Maa-Gor in the shoulder, saving the life of the tiger.

    Maa-Gor held a grudge against them both that would last to the adult life of Ka-Zar.

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