Is she a Red Mage?

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Not gonna lie, I'm not familiar with this character, so I'm fully willing to be corrected.

It seems she has a lot of powers, but others have the same ones, to a higher degree. So is Monet like a Red Mage, learned at many, but a master of none?

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No, she's not like a red mage. She is a mutant, so that means she was born with her powers. Monet is basically a "perfect" being. Well she represents an advanced human being. In other words, she is like a black, spoiled rich girl version of Superman. She does not have the power of power mimicry (the ability to copy other people's powers). And in a way, her powers are at a high degree. After all, her mutant powers are at SUPERHUMAN levels. So she is very strong and very smart. Also, she does have low-level telekinesis. She uses this to fly. I hope that answers your question. And you know other superheroes have the same powers. You know a lot of heroes that have genius-level intellect, flight, strength, telepathy, healing factor, enhanced senses, quick reflexes, super speed, super strength, invulnerability. Am I wrong? Her telepathy might not be as strong as Professor X or Emma Frost, but it still is useful and effective. The only thing different about her is the ability to fuse with her siblings and the ability to see mutant auras. Many mutants has the ability or similar ability to see mutant auras. Once again, she did NOT learn these abilities. They are apart of her. So its natural, since she is a mutant.

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@ultimatekey: I think he was referring to a red mage archetype character, I think it's a similar phrase to jack of all trades but master of none sort of deal, not that she is literally a red mage.

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@ShadowX: Oh, sorry. But yeah, she is not a red mage archetype character. She is a master of ALL the generic superhuman abilities that she has.

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Kinda I suppose. None of her abilities can compare with an X-Man who share only one of those powers.

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Her powers are indeed at superhuman levels, however, like the Red Mage archetype, she is not a master when compared to others who have just one of her powers, i.e;

She is not stronger than the Hulk, is not smarter than Reed Richards, does not have as powerful telepathy as Emma, her healing factor is not as powerful as Wolverine's, etc....

Still, with all of her powers, she is incredibly powerful...even when compared to others who may be considered "masters" of one of their few abilities.

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What a lame, mary sue character. 

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@Twitless said:

What a lame, mary sue character.

Monet is a queen.

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She's The Queen of Filth and Slime and Suck


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