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    Master Bison - known as Vega in Japan - is the leader of the evil organization Shadaloo, whose purpose is to take over the world. His tyrannical attitude is only as feared as his combat prowess, fueled by the energy of the Psycho Power

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    M. Bison is an evil dictator and leader of the criminal organization Shadaloo. Bison plans world domination and uses technology to enhance himself with 'psycho power,' making him incredibly powerful. He also has much interest in the Satsu No Hado power of Ryu and Ken, and plans to control them to make himself even more powerful.


    M. Bison is an archetypical villain character motivated by his own selfish interests and lust of power. He is ruthless, callous and an unforgiving dictator with no hesitations for destroying anyone or anything who opposes him. While demanding absolute loyalty and obedience from his subordinates, Bison considers them mere pawns rather than human beings and tolerates his henchmen only as they serve his dark ambitions: he decides to exterminate Cammy and the Dolls for becoming useless to his further plans in Street Fighter Alpha 3 and tries to eliminate Seth for usurping him in Street Fighter IV. He is not above trying to use coercion by force and brainwashing to convert skilled martial artists to his cause.

    Street Fighter II Turbo

    In this series, Bison hosted the Street Fighter tournament in the hopes of gaining control over powerful opponents and ultimately, world domination. In the final round against Ryu, Akuma interfered. After Chun-Li, Guile and Delta Red destroyed his psycho power machine, Bison lost much of his power. Akuma easily defeated him once he was powerless, mocking him for not being a true fighter. Akuma seemingly killed Bison with his Shun Goku Satsu technique.


    Height: 5'11"

    Weight: 170 lbs

    Eyes: White

    Hair: Black

    Video game appearances

    • Street Fighter II(first appearance)

    • Street Fighter II Champion Edition

    • Street Fighter II Turbo Hyper Fighting

    • Super Street Fighter II

    • Super Street Fighter II Turbo

    • Super Street Fighter II Revival

    • Street Fighter Alpha

    • Street Fighter Alpha 2

    • Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold

    • Street Fighter Alpha 3

    • Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper

    • Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max

    • Street Fighter Alpha Anthology

    • Street Fighter EX

    • Street Fighter EX

    • Street Fighter EX Alpha

    • Street Fighter EX 2

    • Street Fighter EX 2

    • Street Fighter EX 3

    • X-Men vs Street Fighter

    • Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter

    • Marvel vs Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes

    • Capcom vs SNK

    • Capcom vs SNK Pro

    • Capcom vs SNK 2

    • SNK vs Capcom: Match of the Millennium

    • SNK vs Capcom: Chaos

    • Capcom Fighting Evolution

      Namco X Capcom

      Street Fighter IV

      Super Street Fighter IV

      Super Steet Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

      Capcom Classics Collection

      Capcom Classics Collection: Reloaded

      Capcom Classics Collection: Volume 2

      Capcom Fighting Evolution

      Pocket Fighter

    Other Media

    Film and Animation

    Street Fighter

    In his first live action appearance he resembles his video game counter part greatly.

    Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie

    In his first animated role.

    Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-li

    In his second live action appearance his role and appearance was greatly redone to make him not resemble his own video game counterpart. Many fans were displeased with the portrayal of M. Bison in this film than the other film.

    Wreck-It Ralph

    He plays a small role as a member of the Bad-Anon group. He's seen sitting between Dr. Eggman & Clyde.


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