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Lysistrata Jones was created by Dwayne Mcduffie and Mark Bright.

Lysistrata Jones was a local crime boss in Buck Wild's neighborhood and was considered by him to be his arch-enemy since the 1970's. She hired muscle to run her crack and prostitution dens. She was eventually able to mind-control Buck Wild after ensnaring him with her P-whip after he just got out of jail and attacked one of her crack houses. Buck Wild then attacked Icon and Rocket when the two raided one of Lysistrata's crack dens. When Icon was able to restore Buck Wild's memory, the three of them proceeded to take the fight to Lysistrata herself. Lysistrata was able to ensnare both Buck Wild and Icon with her P-whip and mesmerize them with her beauty putting them under her control. Rocket, however, was able to subdue Lysistrata easily. She was then spotted being arrested by the police.

She next appeared during Buck Wild's funeral, where she related the love-hate relationship she's had with Buck Wild dating back to the 1970's. She also mentioned one of their encounters where Buck Wild had to do something that would hurt him but would be the safest way to subdue Lysistrata without causing much damage to anyone including Lysistrata herself. She eventually admitted during the funeral that she "loveded" Buck Wild despite their animosity. Nothing was heard of her ever since.

Powers and Abilities

Lysistrata Jones doesn't seem to have superhuman powers but seems very effective against male opponents. Using her natural beauty and sex appeal to throw them off, she can also utilize her energized "P-whip" to ensnare them and put them under her mind-control. She also seems trained in both armed and unarmed combat but all these skills seem ineffective against female opponents as Rocket easily subdued her and Lysistrata seemed to show hesitation in fighting her ever since.


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