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    Used as an experiment by the organization known as They, Lynx was made into a feral, instinctual person and was used as a test-subject for the Panacea drug, which was capable of curing every disease known to man. She also had a brief romance with Wolverine.

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    As of yet, Lynx's true origins have been largely unrevealed. What little that is known is that she was born without an immune system and raised in a germ-free environment. At some point in her life she managed to come into the possession of the organization known only as They (an organization that describes itself as the unseen forces that shape and control mankind) in order to be used in an experiment to see what would happen if she was kept from any human contact whatsoever at any point in her life. The scientists who studied her named her Lynx, most likely due to her feral nature.

    Major Story Arcs

    Dr. Reigert Ilves, a German scientist in employee of They, decided that Lynx would be the perfect subject for his experiments, namely the Panacea drug. The Panacea drug had been designed by Reigert as a cure for all known forms of disease, and he injected Lynx with the only known sample. However, Ilves soon became overcome with guilt over the disasters that could result from suddenly curing all diseases on earth, such as rapid overpopulation and an eventual world-wide scarcity of resources. Ilves therefore set fire to his laboratory in an attempt to destroy not only all of his research, but also both himself and Lynx. As it turned out, Wolverine had come across rumors of the Panacea drug, and managed to find his way to the laboratory. While he was regretably too late to save Ilves, Wolverine was instead able to free and befriend Lynx.

    And Then There Was War...

    Lynx must have been romantic with Wolverine at some point because years later she joined Seraph's Angels, a group for hire comprised of Wolverine's ex-girlfriends. Lynx the get away driver for a mission to keep Mr.Takenaka, the head of the Yakuza, alive during his meeting with the Kingpin, the head of The Hand. She is then in charge to interrogating Boyd Buzzard and Bufford Buzzard, the brothers hired to kill Takenaka. During the interrogation Lynx says she either keeps hitting the Buzzards or else she kill Melita Garner, Wolverine's current girlfriend, showing she is still in love with Wolverine.


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