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Lynx I

Lynx missing an eye
Lynx missing an eye

Born Ling, and recruited by at first she was only noticed as the girlfriend of a Ghost Dragons branch leader who served Sir Edmund Dorrance (AKA King Snake) but when her boyfriend fails to kill Robin, King Snake kills him to send a message to every member of the Ghost Dragons that failure is punishable by death. It is then that Ling takes on the alias of Lynx and is given control of the Ghost Dragons, her first mission is to succeed where her former lover failed, to kill Robin.

Lynx is also unsuccessful in her attempt to kill Robin and expects to meet the same fate as her former boyfriend; however, King Snake elects not to kill her but decides she needs to be punished. As punishment for her failure King Snake removes one of Lynx's eyes, to which she blames on Robin and swears to get revenge upon him. Following the relocation of the Ghost Dragons to Gotham City, the gang begins to expand their territory with Lynx leading due to Robin putting a serious beating on King Snake. Throughout this time she has a few battles with Robin, as well as other gangs in the city and even the Huntress.

Ultimately unable to cope that a white man (King Snake) leads a Chinese gang, she leads a mutiny against him after he killed one of the Triads. King Sake is arrested and put in prison which leaves Lynx as the only leader of the Ghost Dragons. Lynx makes further attempts to gain more territory within Gotham suburbs but is defeated by Robin and Spoiler.


Lynx was created by Chuck Dixon and Tom Lyle, for use in DC Comics. Lynx's first appearance came in Robin #1 which was released in January of 1991.

Character Evolution

Lynx with King Snake
Lynx with King Snake

Lynx shows a lot of determination as evident by her rising up through the ranks of the Ghost Dragons, as well as her loyalty to their leader King Snake She is also has goals much greater than her superiors, aiming to increase the amount of territory and control the Ghost Dragons have. Lynx is not with out her faults, though, her loyalty and determination lead her to be quite reckless at times and get her into situations that are over her head. Lynx could said to have plans far too big but will stop at nothing to achieve them.

Major Story Arcs

Batman: No Man's Land

During the period where Gotham City was declared a No Man's Land, the Ghost Dragons were one of the various gangs in control of a part of the city and were in possession of it for most of the period. During this time Lynx is informed by Batman that someone is kidnapping children in the city and selling them as slaves. Upon stopping him, Lynx breaks the alliance and returns to her gang.

War Crimes

Lynx vs Batgirl
Lynx vs Batgirl

Not happy with the amount of territory the Ghost Dragons control, Lynx again tries to expand but comes into a struggle with Batgirl. As Batgirl proves too much for Lynx and she is unable to defeat her, a member of the Ghost Dragons tries to interfere and help Lynx but ends up accidentally beheading her in the process.

One Year Later

During One Year Later, Lynx is resurrected from the dead by the League of Assassin Mystics but her time back alive doesn't last long as Batgirl immediately kills her again. Batgirl frames Robin for her murder by placing Lynx's dead body in her costume. It is eventually proven by Robin that the dead body belongs to Lynx.

Powers and Abilities

Lynx has no innate super powers but she is a highly skilled martial artist,able to learn Red Robin's fighting style after a fight between them, as well as very proficient in hand to hand weapons and using firearms or various sorts. In addition she is bilingual, able to speak both English and Chinese. Agility on par with certain members of the Bat Family.

Lynx II

Lynx and Red Robin
Lynx and Red Robin

During the events of Battle For The Cowl, a second Lynx debuts as part of a group recruited by Black Mask to take over Gotham City. She assists Man-Bat when he is fighting gang members.

Lynx is later captured and unmasked by Red Robin who tells him that she's an undercover police officer from Hong Kong. She reveals that Cassandra Cain sent intelligence information to the Hong Kong Police Department, and as a result she was sent to investigate. Red Robin then releases Lynx from prison and just as she is about to leave kisses him on the lips.

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