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    Rocket Raccoon's soulmate and heiress to Mayhem Mekaniks toys

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    Lylla is a sentient otter from Halfworld. She is the heiress to Mayhem Mekaniks toys, although her parents were killed by Judson Jakes and he took over the company. Only through her marriage would he obtain full rights to the company. She is the love interest of Rocket Raccoon

    When Judson attacked rival toymaker Lord Dyvyne, Dyvyne sent his mercenary Blackjack O'Hare to kidnap Lylla so he could marry her and gain control of Mayhem Mekaniks. Blackjack decided to try to use Lylla as a pawn so he could gain control of the companies, but failed. After Dyvyne sends his assassins after Blackjack, a truce is made and he teams up with Rocket so they could escape. 

    Lylla and the others teamed up with Uncle Pyko and went to the robots, who devised a toy capable of restoring the Loonies of Halfworlds sanity. Lylla and Rocket left together in the robots starship for a new life. 

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