Lying Cat

    Character » Lying Cat appears in 48 issues.

    The Will's "sidekick" of sorts, a large cat who has the ability to detect whether or not anyone around her is lying, including The Will himself.

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    It is unrevealed how the Lying Cat came in the possession of the bounty hunter The Will, but she has been at his side throughout his known career.


    Lying Cat was created by Saga writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Fiona Staples. Lying Cat's first appearance was in Image's Saga #1.

    Major Story Arcs

    After her almost-death in outer space from a run in with Hazel and her family, Lying Cat is resting with her companion The Will.

    Powers and Abilities

    Like any other cat, Lying Cat likes to be loved, makes funny faces, reacts on her masters voice and feelings, and doesn't like to be ignored. Unlike other cats, Lying Cat can also detect when somebody's lying and would either growl or even say "Lying" if somebody does tell a lie, including The Will. However Lying Cat does not seem to be actually capable of saying more than that.

    Lying Cat has also been seen to be a vicious cat taking down armed men if necessary.

    Lying Cat in other Comics

    Lying Cat's popularity among fans and other comic writers have lead to the following cameos and references in other comics:

    Poyo vs. Lying Cat (Chew/Revival #1)
    Poyo vs. Lying Cat (Chew/Revival #1)
    • In Image's crossover flipbook Chew/Revival #1 (May 2014) written by John Layman (Chew) & Tim Seeley (Revival). In the Revival story, Dana Cypress' son Cooper draws a comic in which Chew's Poyo is fighting Saga's Lying Cat. When his Aunt Martha sees the comic strip she's asking "You've got a cybernetic rooster meeting a lie-detecting alien cat. How's that crossover supposed to work?" and Cooper replies "It's fun and it's cool, so that's all that matters. It's what comics are for. Duh."
    • In Marvel's Daredevil #3 (July 2014) written by Mark Waid. When a villain threatens Matt Murdock to kill him during a fight, Matt responses 'Bzzzt. Lying Cat says "Lying." Try again.'
    • In Marvel's Siege #2 (October 2015), a Secret Wars: Battlezone tie-in by Kieron Gillen, a random cat appears and says "Lying" (in Saga's lettering style) in response to Lady Katherine (aka Kate Bishop/Hawkeye) saying "I fear nothing! I step into the breach with nothing but joy in my heart!"


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