Lydia Garcia

    Character » Lydia Garcia appears in 2 issues.

    Lydia Garcia is a veteran Grendel. She trained Aaron Crow to defeat his vampire father, John Crow.

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    Major Story Arcs

    The Devil's Apprentice

    Lydia Garcia fought in the Garcia Grendel clan for many years and was known as an excellent warrior--tough and pragmatic. She ended up living with the Crow clan in Laredo with her son-in-law, John Crow. He was pregnant, using the technology of the time. Vampires attacked, however, and mortally wounded him. He asked Lydia to cut the baby out before he turned into a vampire. She did, and hid herself and the baby away, so that they were the only survivors of the attack. The baby was born with red eyes, like a vampire, but was otherwise human.

    She asked Grant I, the Grendel Khan, to allow her to raise the child and use it as bait for John Crow, whom she thought would try to get revenge. Since Grant owed Lydia for saving him in a battle in Siberia long ago, he reluctantly agreed.

    Lydia and the new leader of the Laredo outpost, Kylie Shrike, trained Aaron, the baby, to become a great warrior. When he was 18, then vampires finally attacked again. Aaron acquitted himself well, killing many vampires, but John Crow finally caught him (but did not recognize him). Lydia lunged at John with a sword and forced him to let go of Aaron. John then beat down Kylie, killed Lydia, and left. Lydia asked Aaron to hunt down John with her dying breath.


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