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    Luxord has the power of time and can manipulate the battle using his cards and dice. He is also number 10 of Organzation XIII and is known as the "Gambler of Fate." He can control the Gambler Nobodies

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    Port Royal 1st Appearance

    Luxord first appears in port royal on jack sparrows ship with the chest containing Aztec gold beside him. Luxord summons a "Heartless" called the grim reaper saying its a result of men's Avarice then orders it to fight Sora and his friends in order to answer his question of whether the heartless are worthy to serve the Organization. After the heartless was thrown overboard Luxord called out "Parley" which means Sora has to negotiate with Luxord he returns the chest with his humblest apologies in exchange he takes four gold pieces and his gambler "Nobodies" take them and flee at the same time the "Heartless" comes back but in the form of a ghoul blowing the group into the interceptor and uses the black pearl and fires at them.

    He appears again to claim the heart of the defeated "Heartless" and congratulates Sora and disappears. The World that never was 2nd Appearance Luxord appears in Havoc's divide chamber where he challenges Sora in a battle of time where the first to run out of time is the loser. Luxord proved to be a difficult foe but Sora managed to best him in this card game with Luxord eliminated.


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