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    The loving but twisted mother of Cassie Hack. She'd be brought back by the Re-Animator and eventually killed by him and Cassie. Before she died, she said she did what she did because she did not want Cassie to hurt the way she had.

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    Delilah Cordero would meet her future husband Jack Hack, in an interview with him. Though it was more of a psychoanalysis test, what may have been a routine psychiatric test to her. It was really a government funded experiment. Jack Hack, along with colleague Dr. White, had been hired to study slashers and potential slashers. Delilah had been categorized as a potential slasher due to her radical and often violent behavior in her youth. The government wanted them to see what made a slasher, so they could be used as living weapons. Delilah, however, had fallen almost instantly in love with Jack.

    And over time, so did Jack, to the point that he had confided in her what their research was really about. The truth, honestly, worried Delilah. She didn't want to come back to life, after death and the idea of becoming a monster terrified her. Eventually, she found herself pregnant with Cassie. She and Jack ran away to live a happy domestic life together. But, the government would soon find them and weren't afraid to use his family as a threat. To protect his wife and child, Jack run away to lead their government away from them. In some ways, it did more damage than he realized as Delilah became very protective of Cassie.

    Over the years of childhood, Cassie became the victim of constant bullying at the hands of her classmates. Some weren't afraid to tease her in front of Delilah, who had become the school lunch lady. Although Delilah tried her best to protect Cassie, in some ways it drove a wedge between them. As Delilah would try to make Cassie see the world as a cruel place, that she had no one because even her father left them, and that she'll always get hurt. At some point, Delilah decided to take matters into her own hands and butchered the children that had bullied her daughter, cruelly. Afterwards, she'd dispose of the bodies by introducing a new "mystery" meat to the lunch menu.

    Cassie eventually discovered her mother's crime and confronted her about it, When Delilah refuses to listen to her daughter's pleas, Cassie reveals she called the police and turned in her mother. Delilah was shocked by her daughter's actions, her last words to Cassie were "I love you". She then committed suicide, in front of her everyone (including Cassie), by stuffing her head into a pot of boiling gravy. Out of pity, the police left a sadden Cassie her mother's wedding rings with hopes of remembering good times.

    Even when sent to a foster home, Cassie couldn't escape her connections to her mother. When news got around, she became even more unpopular than before. Soon girls from her school began disappearing. Cassie was horrified to discover her mother had come back from the grave as a vengeful slasher and was killing girls in her school. Feeling responsible for it, Cassie confronted her mother and shot her several times, killing her. This lead her on her path as a slasher killer.

    Although dead, Cassie is still very much haunted by the memories of her monstrous mother. In Land of Lost Toys, she dragged dream killer Ashley Guthrie into her dreams or her nightmares. She used her nightmare of her mother to kill Ashley. Though she was still shaken by it, even though she had to remained herself it was a dream. Cassie would soon get a surprise when Chris Krank revealed to her that someone had dug up her mother's grave and had stolen the body.

    Her body had been acquired by Dr. Herbert West, the Re-Animator. He had brought her in an attempt to resurrect Delilah back to sanity. Also in some degree as a favor to Jack, as Herbert had viewed him as the closest thing to a friend. But a few things would go wrong in Herbert's plan. For one, Herbert hadn't finished up giving Delilah enough of his serum and another Jack appeared too early for the reunion. Seeing him made her over excited and also hears Cassie mentioned, this causes her to break free. She knocks out Dr. West and takes her husband.

    Though Jack tries to persuade her to go somewhere private, Delilah has other ideas. She instead, takes him to a hotel, where they make up for their lost times. Jack didn't quite object to be intimate again with his wife. Things would get worst when her body began reforming back to its old state as the Lunch Lady. Jack tried to calm her, but Delilah soon became the Lunch Lady again.

    She kills the hotel owner and attempts to kill a maid, when she sees her as a "rival" for Jack. She eventually kills him when she thinks he's rejecting her. While Vlad stays with a dying Jack, Cassie's force to help West kill her mother, again. Though Delilah nearly kills Cassie, West finishes her off with a serum. As her body begins to rot, she speaks to her daughter happily. Happy that she's beautiful and grown, apologizing for her deeds. She admits she had Cassie very young and it hurt her seeing Cassie hurt. To Delilah, no child should have to suffer the way her mother does.

    Cassie was completely shattered and heartbroken by the event. And with her father's death, it let Cassie realize something. She was now completely alone, an official orphan.


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