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Seol Hee was an aspiring singer hoping to become a K-Pop star to earn enough money to take care of her grandmother. When A.I.M. ambushed a Stark Industries event where Seol was performing, she tried to defend the innocent people attending her show. However she was easily overpowered and the A.I.M soldiers locked her in a hi-tech freezer. Attempting to escape the freezer, Seol was exposed to the elements of a cold-fusion energy reactor and the combination of strange radiation and intense cold gave Seol the power to control cold and darkness. Using her powers to defeat A.I.M., Seol became the superhero "Luna Snow"!


Luna Snow was created Danny Koo, Bill Rosemann and Jeehyung Lee for the digital Marvel game Future Fight. Her Comic book debut was in War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas issue 1 (2019), by Greg Pak.

Major Story Arcs

Joining the New Agents of Atlas

Other Media


Marvel Future Fight

Luna Snow in Marvel Future Fight
Luna Snow in Marvel Future Fight

Luna is a playabe character in the game. She is a speed type.

Her bio says: When A.I.M. ambushed a Stark Industries party where aspiring singer Seol Hee was performing, her attempts to defend the partygoers caused A.I.M. agents to lock her in a storage freezer. During her escape, she knocked over the contents of an energy experiment, exposing her to elements that granted her ice powers which she then used to defeat A.I.M. Her heroic actions made her an overnight sensation, and she continues to use her talent and powers under the name "Luna Snow" -- part time pop star, part-time Super Hero!


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