Lumpy Space Princess

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    The princess of Lumpy Space.

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    A floating purple cloud, Lumpy Space Princess is a Lumpy Space Person. She is made out of irradiated stardust.


    Lumpy Space Princess was created by Pendleton Ward for the Cartoon Network show Adventure Time with Finn and Jake. She also appears in the 2012 comic Adventure Time written by Ryan North with art by Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb.

    Character Evolution

    Still a teenager, she can be rather moody and vapid. She often quarrels with her parents, Lumpy Space Queen and Lumpy Space King. Her rebellious attitude often upsets her mother. She is friends with Jake and Finn.

    She is among the victims of the Lich King when he uses The Super Dangerous Bag of Holding to capture many of the inhabitants of Ooo. As a Princess, she must worry about Ice King's obsession with Princesses, however Ice King candidly admits that Lumpy Space Princess is his least desired princess.

    LSP's best friend Melissa is also a Lumpy Space person. The two have a tempestuous friendship, largely due to LSP's mood swings and irrationality. For example, in the short comic strip Lumpy Space Drama, LSP ends her friendship with Melissa on impulse, after discovering they are both wearing the same sweater. Melissa is currently dating her ex boyfriend Brad, which causes a certain amount of tension between the two.

    Story Arcs

    Bacon Fields

    Bacon Fields is a short comic strip which appears in Adventure Time #3, and is written and illustrated by Michael DeForge. In Bacon Fields, LSP pays a visit to the Breakfast Kingdom. While there she becomes hungry, and snacks on a nearby bacon field, much to the dismay of Breakfast Princess who tells her that the fields are crucial to the small breakfast organisms who live there. Distraught, LSP takes the organisms home, and gives them a Lumpy makeover.

    Candy Capers

    LSP as a Why-Wolf
    LSP as a Why-Wolf

    LSP appears sporadically in the spin off title Adventure Time: Candy Capers, most notably when she and Lemongrab are called upon for help by Peppermint Butler. During their quest, the two are attacked by a group of Why-Wolves, and transformed into the creatures.

    Typically for LSP, she develops a passing attraction to Lemongrab during their collaboration, and at one point tells him she is aware of the growing romantic tension between them.

    Lumpy Space Drama

    Lumpy Space Drama is a short strip which appears in Adventure Time #7 and was written and drawn by Zac Gorman. It shows a typical day in the life of LSP, in which she falls out with her best friend, has a big fight with her parents, argues with her ex boyfriend Brad, declares that she wishes she was "never lumped" - and is then seen complaining on the phone that her life is incredibly boring.

    Powers and Abilities

    Lumpy Space Princess like all Lumpy Space People can float. Her bite is also infectious in that anyone she bites will become Lumpy. There is a antidote, though. It is located in Lumpy Space, in a placed called Make Out Point. It takes the form of an orb, and whoever sits on it will be cured.

    In Other Media

    Television Series

    Amusingly, LSP is also voiced by show creator Pendleton Ward, giving her a distinguished masculine voice. She is a main character in the show and features regularly.

    Trouble in Lumpy Space

    In her debut episode, Trouble in Lumpy Space, she accidentally bites Jake and causes him to turn into a Lumpy Space Person, She then takes Finn and Jake home with her to Lumpy Space, in search of a cure. Unfortunately for LSP, doing so requires the help of her friend Melissa, who insists on bringing Brad along with her.

    In a later episode, The Creeps, LSP reveals that she broke up with Brad because he kissed her on the mouth, and she wasn't quite ready for that. However, at the end of the episode she declares longingly that she is ready for him.


    LSP in
    LSP in "Gotcha!"

    In Gotcha!, LSP tells Turtle Princess that no man can resist her lumps, including Finn the Human. She tells her friend that she will prove this by going undercover, seducing him, and writing a salacious exposé about the experience. But after posing as a secretary to Finn and Jake as a way of getting closer to them, she changes her mind, deciding that Finn is the irresistible one because he is "hot on the inside".


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