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    Edward Lytener worked as a scientist for Lexcorp and stole several weapons. He attempted to use them to kill Lois Lane, but his plans were foiled by Superman. Now, as Luminus, his only goals are to seek vengeance on the man of steel.

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    Edward Lytener had two roles in two episodes, both of which he is the chief antagionist. He is voiced by Robert Hays.

    Nice Jacket
    Nice Jacket

    In 'Target' he was a one-time mentor to Lois Lane who wanted the attention and gratitude she had never showed before. This started a series of attempts on Lois's life.

    Eventually she found out that Lytener was the culprit, resulting in her being trapped behind laser bars that slowly closing in on her. Superman arrives to save her, but Lytener is more then ready. He makes use out of his favourite invention- a vest powered by the solar energy spectrum of a red sun (Another of Superman's fatal weaknesses) which allows to beat the hero to a pulp. Despite being overpowered, Superman regains the upper hand and wins the battle, saving Lois again.

    Lytener returns in 'Solar Power' under the alias Luminus and this time he's after Superman instead of Lois. He escapes prison using light-based technology rendering him invisible. He turns up again in front of Superman in a new suit mentioning to the Man of Steel that this was just the beginning since Superman was suddenly losing his powers.


    It was later found that a series of Lexcorp satelites are blocking the sun's yellow rays, allowing only the red rays through.

    Luminus then precedes to taunt Superman and give him a taste of his new abilities. The Last Son of Krypton barely makes it out alive though he was growing weaker.

    The next time Lytener calls Superman out, he has Lois and Jimmy Olsen hostage in his base which consists hardlight holograms in different settings from a western saloon to a pirate ship.

    Eventually the two meet for the face off in which when it looks like the day is lost, the satelite-controlling device gets damaged, the yellow rays of the sun return and Superman returns to full strength.

    Lytener is once again apprehended.


    Eeny, Meeny, Minny, Mo!
    Eeny, Meeny, Minny, Mo!

    In 'Only a Dream' Luminus joins a gang of familiar rogues from Firefly to Volcana, when they are confronted by the Justice League.

    Using his holograms, he got the better of the Flash, only for the original to be found and defeated by the individual that has triumphed over him each time before: Superman.


    Edward Lytener's first offensive weapon was a vest-like device that runs on solar cells containing a red sun spectrum. With this, he easily holds his ground in combat with Superman.

    The Luminus outfit matches with Lytener's use of light-beased technology which can be emitted from his belt.

    This suit gives him abilities like levitation, invisibility, quick-escape laser blasts and is able to produce holograms which can be both soft and hardlight.

    A handheld laser firearm is Luminus' main weapon.


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