Lumina Lux

    Character » Lumina Lux appears in 5 issues.

    A singer at a Gotham bar called the Three Eyed Jacks.

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    Lumina Lux is a very talented singer a the Three Eyed Jacks in Gotham City. After she is almost attacked by the Turnip Twins, she is saved by Matches Malone. She reveals that it was because she wanted to be payed in drugs. Drugs she claims to need for her younger sister who has multiple sclerosis.

    She later attends the Grimm Brothers funeral where she is prepared to sing. However after realizing the guests are actually members of the League of Assassins, calls Matches to come rescue her. Matches however is ambushed by the Turnip Twins when he arrives.

    She is later held at gunpoint by Goatboy who prepares to kill her so he can join an elite group of the League. Lumina however kills Goatboy before he can, by stabbing him in the neck with a fork. Matches now revealed as Batman is there and reveals that he now knows that she has no sister. She is the one with multiple sclerosis. He gives her the medicine she needs and leaves.


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