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Lulu is an inhabitant of Besaid Island in Spira. She was orphaned at the age of 5, and barely remembers her parents. Unfortunately being orphaned at a young age was not uncommon on Besaid, and she knew and grew alongside many other orphans, most of their parents killed by the massive entity Sin, that would frequently terrorize the inhabitants of Spira. She would befriend the Blitzball players Wakka and Chappu and a Summoner, Yuna.

Growing into a young woman, Lulu would take the occupation of a Guardian, a sacred duty, where she would accompany a Summoner on a Pilgrimage with the end goal of defeating Sin, albeit with a heavy sacrifice. Lulu would also grow extremely close to Yuna, adopting an older sister role, so her occupation as a Guardian would be somewhat motivated to assist a different Summoner defeat Sin before Yuna would come off age to undertake the journey, thus ending her need to be a Summoner and to make a sacrifice. This proactive attitude would not bear great results however, as Lulu's first Pilgrimage would fail, her Summoner Lady Ginnem killed in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. A failure that would haunt Lulu. She would be a Guardian again, for Father Zuke, this time alongside Wakka. Less tragically, this would end with Zuke deciding to abandon the Pilgraimage.

Eventually Yuna would decide to follow in her fathers footsteps and to become a Summoner. Lulu, naturally desiring to accompany her friend and sister, but this time a Guardian alongside a team of Guardians, Wakka, Tidus, Kimahri, Auron and Rikku. Lulu is a skilled and accomplished Black Mage, possessing powerful elemental magics.


Lulu is a fictional character created for the Square Enix Final Fantasy franchise, first appearing in the tenth installment of the franchise, Final Fantasy X released in 2001. She was designed by Tetsuya Nomura, voiced by Paula Tiso and Rio Natsuki, and visually inspired by traditional obeah voodoo priestess. Lulu is also intended to stylistically merge the idea of a high fashion runway model with traditional Final Fantasy Black Mage job discipline.

Character Evolution

Final Fantasy often reuses themes and ideas from previous installments, recycling and updating them for new stories. Lulu is Final Fantasy X's Black Mage character, specializing in elemental powers. The character does seem quite grim and every both as goth as she appears.

Lulu's somewhat trademark dress made of belts, incidentally came about as a technical challenge, issued by Tetsuya Nomura to see how well his graphics developers would be able to get the number, pattern and consistency right throughout the game.

Major Story Arcs

Leaving Besaid

Lulu and the rest of Yuna's Guardians would leave their home, with new recruit Tidus. They would travel to Kilika island on the S.S. Liki, Lulu and some of the others getting to learn more about Tidus. During the trip, the group would encounter Sin and and attempt to chase the massive beast away from Kilika. Unfortunately Sin would still attack the small settlement killing many. On arrival, Yuna would perform a Sending, to ensure the souls of the lost, get sent to the afterlife in peace. Lulu would explain this act to Tidus, who was initially confused and awed by the dance. The group would visit the Kilika Temple, and Yuna would receive the Ifrit Aeon.

Blitzball Tournament

Lulu and the rest of the Guardians would next travel to Luca, an entrance point for a larger continent, where there would also be a Blitzball tournament and visiting dignitaries such as Grand Maester Yo Mika and Maester Seymour Guado. At the event, fiends would attack during the final game, and in the chaos, the group would reunite with the legendary Guardian Auron. The group would do their part to defend innocents, and the summoning of Anima by Seymour would deliver the final blow to the fiends attacking. Auron would now join the team as they prepared to travel to their next Temple.

Powers and Abilities

Lulu possesses powerful magical abilities and skills, and is classified as a Black Mage. This gives her access to elemental magical abilities, loosely themed around fire, ice, water and lightning. Lulu often uses a variety of voodoo doll like objects to help her channel her magical abilities. These can take the form of moogles, cactuar and other Final Fantasy themed objects.

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: NA
  • Eyes: Red
  • Hair: Black

Other Media

Final Fantasy X (2001)

Lulu appears in Square Enix's Final Fantasy X game, highly acclaimed and popular, Final Fantasy X was the first Final Fantasy for Playstation 2, and also the first Final Fantasy to use voice acting. Lulu is voiced by Rio Natsuki (Japanese) and Paula Tiso (English versions)

Final Fantasy X-2 (2003)

Lulu makes a cameo appearance in the 2003 sequel to very popular Final Fantasy X.


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