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    Character » Luke Taylor appears in 24 issues.

    Doctor, Husband, soon-to-be Father. That is until he discovers a bloodied man that looks just like him in his kitchen.

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    Luke meets Foss
    Luke meets Foss

    Luke Taylor is a doctor, working at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and lives with his wife Amelia, who is heavily pregnant with their first child. One day he comes downstairs to find a man identical to him sitting in his kitchen and covered in blood. The man explains that his name is Foss (short for Foster) and that another person that looks like them is going after Luke's wife. Luke attempts to make it to the hospital where his wife is having her sonogram, but is too late and she has already been abducted.

    Not knowing what else to do, Luke heads to the police station, but as he arrives a black SUV pulls up containing Foss and his friends. They then reveal to Luke that he's been cloned.


    Luke was created as the lead protagonist for the Skybound comic series, Clone by David Schulner and Juan Jose Ryp.

    Major Story Arcs

    After Amelia's abduction by Patrick, Luke goes with Foss to a decommissioned army base in the Anza-Borrego Desert, California. Luke is introduced to the rest of the group and the residents of the base, who are all rescued clones. After speaking with his new 'brothers,' Luke presents Foss with a plan that will lead to him saving his wife.

    Luke meets with Patrick, tricking him into taking him to his headquarters by shooting Foss, who was wearing a bulletproof jacket. Luke is locked in a cell, however quickly escapes and sneaks through the facility searching for Amelia. He is quickly discovered, however is mistaken for his clone brother, Patrick and asked to perform an interrogation on another clone. Luke continues with the ruse until he reveals himself to the clone, and they both take down the guard and escape.

    Finding Amelia, he witnesses the birth of his first child from behind a glass window. Luke breaks through the window, however his wife and baby are whisked away by scientists and Patrick appears, shooting at Luke. Foss arrives, attacking Patrick and ends up killing himself and his murderous brother by falling from a fire escape. As Luke heads to the roof to find his wife being taken away by helicopter, another helicopter appears containing his father, rescuing him.

    Back at the base, each clone is spoken to by Dr. Taylor one by one. Finally, when it is Luke's turn, and his father explains that each clone was tattooed with UV ink, containing a series of numbers for identification. He elaborates that only one was left without a number, the original, whom the doctor believes is Luke. As his father turns on the UV lamp, the greek letter Alpha is revealed on Luke's forearm.

    Known Clones

    • Foster (Foss)
    • Gamma
    • Patrick
    • Serge

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