Luis Trayce

    Character » Luis Trayce appears in 16 issues.

    Son of a former GCPD officer gunned down and adopted son of the third Vigilante (Pat Trayce), resents Deathstroke for sleeping with his mother, but in the process of exacting revenge falls in love with his daughter, Rose Wilson.

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    Luis is the son of Marie and Luis Sr., a Gotham City police officer. When his father is killed by Jeremy Barker, Luis is left as an orphan, as his mother was already dead, and he is adopted by his father's partner, Patricia Trayce.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Loneliest Number

    Luis gets caught up in drug trafficking when he begins hanging out with older kids. In a panic he is tracked down by Pat, but they don't recognize one another as she is dressed as Vigilante and he is wearing a ski mask. His mask falls off in their struggle, and Pat recognizes him, pulling off her own mask as Luis turns a gun on her.

    Ultimately, Pat does not stay with Luis, leaving him with his aunt instead, as she is wanted by the GCPD.


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