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    Fearful younger twin brother to Mario and one half of Nintendo's video game stars the Super Mario Bros. Luigi is probably the most famous sidekick in video game history.

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    Luigi Mario is the brother of acclaimed plumber Mario Mario. Luigi is known for his tall, slender physique and his green outfit with the "L" on his cap. Luigi can jump higher and is faster than Mario, yet Mario is known as the hero of the family, even though Luigi often does as much work as Mario.

    While Mario made his first appearance in Donkey Kong. Luigi made his first appearnce in the 1983 game Mario Bros. He would later achieve fame along with Mario in the much more famous 1985 game Super Mario Bros.

    Luigi became the first rate hero when he went into a haunted house, in order to save Mario, and sucked up all the ghosts with a vacuum given to him by a mad scientist named Professor E. Gadd.

    His love is for princess Daisy, princess Peach's sister.

    He appears in most Mario games by Nintendo and some as a playable character. Notable games he HASN'T appeared in include Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine.

    Luigi is taller than Mario and can jump further as he has longer legs, but he also has worse traction.

    Luigi's has a mustache just like Mario!


    Unassisted by any caps, Luigi has the ability to shoot fireballs from his hand which gravity has no effect on at all. He can also jump higher and run faster than his brother Mario. Luigi's upper-cut jump can also light an enemy on fire if he is standing directly next to him, referred to as the "Pow." It has been shown that Luigi is more powerful than Mario, but simply lacks the courage and confidence to reach his true potential.

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl

    Luigi is the dreamy, comical man this time round in brawl. You have to unlock him to play him in any type of brawls, making him one of the only two characters to be unlockable in all three SSB games, the other being Jiggylpuff. His new title in Brawl is "every one's favorite guy in green!".

    Here is his list of moves:

    • Standard Special move (B)= Fireball
    • Side Special move (side B)= Green Missile
    • Up Special move (up B)= Super jump punch
    • Down Special move (down B)= Luigi Cyclone
    • Final Smash= Negative Zone


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