Character » Lugnut appears in 22 issues.

    Extremely loyal to his master, Lugnut believes that Megatron will one day rule Cybertron. Lugnut's loyalty, combined with his massive size and raw strength, makes him a pet weapon of mass destruction for Megatron.

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    Powers and Abilities

    Lugnut is one of the strongest Decepticons of all time, and might be even stronger than Megatron himself. His punches has the force of a small bomb, which makes him very dangerous in hand-to-hand combat. He can also make himself even more powerful by transforming his massive hands into bombs, which makes his strikes even more powerful on impact. He is also massively durable, and has a powerful mace he can use in melee-combat. In addition to his size, strength and overall raw power, he is also very skilled in hand-to-hand combat and very fast aswell. Lugnut is one of the most ferocious of all Decepticons, and is very loyal to Megatron.

    Other Media

    Transformers: Animated - Lugnut is one of the main Decepticons in Transformers: Animated and he is voiced by David Kaye. While Megatron was under repairs and widely believed to be dead, Lugnut was the only one, along with Professor Sumdac, that knew he was alive and obeyed his commands. When Megatron was fully repaired, he kept following Megatron for the rest of the show. His arch nemesis is Bulkhead.


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