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Powers and Abilities

Lugh as stated by his master Ogata is either the strongest or second strongest disciple in YOMI. Lugh has been shown to defeat other high class disciples such as Siegfried and Thor with ease. Lugh has had training from Ogata Isshinsai in his personal style of Ancient Martial Arts and his specialization is locks, which gave him the nickname submission man. Lugh is blind and is strong because of his handicap. He can sense the Ki being released from muscles and has learned to predict where attacks will come from based on his opponents muscle movement. Lugh's hearing is superhuman and he has admitted he can hear sound from one kilometer away.

Beyond his fighting Lugh is an intelligent and perceptive combatant who can get inside his opponents head. Lugh can psychological manipulate his foes often making them lose their cool in a fight. Siegfried and Niijima have both commented on this. Lugh is able to dicern his opponents fighting style and how best to counter it. Lugh can even copy or intergrate his opponents moves into his own ahown after he copied Takeda's Warp Punch as his Utsusemi Kyokushi technique.

Lugh's greatest talent and what makes him so strong in YOMI is his level of Ki. Lugh has the highest level of Ki and even though he cannot control it yet, if he did he would be the closest to master level according to Ogata. Lugh ki is strong enough that when Miu Furinji felt it she instantly assumed a defensive stance, Takeda lost his cool and began to fight wildy, even Shigure (a grnad master class fighter) went to the Shinpaku Alliance's aid since she thought Lugh was a danger to all the disciples present.


  • Inner Eye - Lugh paces the opponent's and memorizes their attack pattern in order for him to react before the opponent can. Since Lugh can't see he senses their Ki and listens to their muscle patterns in order to get the pace down.
  • Kyokuten Ude Karami Otoshi - Lugh grabs his opponents arm and neck at the same time while upside down and brings their arm back and upwards trying to dislocate it.
  • Ogat-Ryuu Floating Throw - Lugh first grabs his opponent by their sleeves using his fingers, then throws them using only the centrifugal force of his movements.
  • Ogata-Ryuu Gliding Step - Lugh moves his at such a fast rate he looks like he's making clones of himself.
  • Ogata-Ryuu Submission Penetrating Hit - Lugh attacks the opponent's joints with multiple strikes in order to dislocate and force all the joints out of their socket.
  • Ogata Zatjuuori - Lugh grabs one of his opponent's legs and then proceeds to slam His knees into the knee socket of his opponent's legs.
  • Seikuken - A combat method that involves controlling the entire radius within one's arm length, creating a spherical shield around oneself. It can be used for offense and defense. Lugh Seikuken seems to spiral around himself.
  • Utsusemi Kyokushi - Lugh's version of Takeda's Warp Punch technique. Lugh lets himself be hit by his enemy's attack, using his ki to confuse his opponent into thinking that they landed a finishing blow, while actually targeting the opponent's joints the moment he gets hit. Just like the Warp Punch technique.

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