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A hardened street tough killer in service to the ruthless time traveler named Orwell, the Granddaughter of Charlie Arrows and his late fling; Rose Ann Marsh. She was born as her mother passed away during childbirth and came into the care of her only remaining relative but quickly absconded the scene of her cloistered childhood and overbearing surrogate parent.

Growing up orphaned and alone she eventually came into her own abnormal abilities inherited from her paternal forefather whom she never knew. Using these odd talents of superspeed coupling in a razor aura which could cut through anything or anyone she ran through, Lucy managed to survive the streets for a time taking whatever she needed to in order to get by.

Eventually she'd come into the service of an ingenious yet morally ambiguous Professor who runs a tight clandestine outfit backed by several highly influential individuals within seats particularly influential in corporate welfare. This man named Orwell would offer her a job as personal bodyguard and enforcer, while at the same time teach her in the usage of her powers making her a more effective agent.

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