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    Lucius Fox is the current CEO and President of Wayne Enterprises and a sought after businessman all over the corporate world. He is a skilled engineer and has designed many of Batman's gadgets and vehicles.

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    Midas Touch
    Midas Touch

    Lucius Fox graduated magna cum laude from the Morton School of Business, then after graduating he went over seas for more extensive training. Soon after graduating he put his powers and skills into turning Atwater Air from near-bankruptcy to overnight success with a whole range of stock options.

    Ever since his success, Lucius has been sought after by many large corporations to handle there business and stocks. But Lucius has found himself a new permanent job handling the day-to-day operations at Wayne Enterprises. Lucius was able to use his skill to revive W.E. more than once in cases of bankruptcy or a corporate meltdown, which is precisely why he is so sought after.


    Lucius Fox was created by Len Wein and John Calnan, and first appeared in Batman #307 (dated January 1979).

    Major Story Arcs

    No Man's Land

    During No Man's Land Lucius Fox knew that Lex Luthor's LexCorp would use this devastation to his advantage by buying tons of prime Gotham real estate during the confusing chaos. Fox using all his skills and powers and W.E. might to stop Luthor from his evil scheme. Lucius succeeded in foiling Luthor's plan's but soon fell a target an assassin hired by Luthor. Luckily Batman saved Fox from the assassin's bullet. Ever since Fox has been handling the day-to-day activities as CEO and President of Wayne Enterprises.

    Cycle of Violence

    When the Scarecrow covers Gotham Square in Fear Toxin, Lucius helps Alfred come up with a cure that uses Batman's own blood and anti-bodies to cure the infected citizens.

    New 52

    Zero Year

    During the events of Zero Year, Lucius Fox plays a vital role, along with James Gordon in aiding Batman take down The Riddler, scramble the signals he used to control his drone and guns around the city, and to restore power to Gotham City.

    Batman Inc.

    During Batman Inc., Lucius Fox takes requests from Batman told to him by Bruce Wayne, now that Wayne Enterprises supplies Batman with equipment. Lucius designed and constructed the suit Batman wore to defeat The Heretic.


    Lucius' son Luke becomes the new Batwing.

    Alternate Versions

    Earth 3

    On Earth 3 Lucius is a crime boss who owes Owlman a favor.

    Batman: Earth One

    Fox is a young intern at Wayne Medical. He discovers who Batman is through his gadgets, and later takes on the role as his tech man.

    Powers and Abilities

    Fox is an extremely shrewd and experienced businessman and a great organizer. He is also scrupulously honest. A great friend and ally to Bruce Wayne. Fox also seems very keen because the air-head billionaire playboy persona of Bruce Wayne doesn't fool Lucius much. It seems Fox can see through Bruce some what easily. Also can tell just by looking at the W.E. expense books for the things that Bruce buys for W.E. or Batman catches Lucius's eye!

    Other Media

    Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox
    Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox

    The Dark Knight Trilogy

    In the 2005 movie, Batman Begins, Lucius Fox is played by Morgan Freeman and is a man who, after working in the Board of Directors at Wayne Enterprises under Thomas Wayne, had been relegated to a lower position until Bruce Wayne promoted him back to the role of President of Wayne Enterprises. Throughout the movie Fox helps Wayne find the materials that would ultimately become Batman's suit and he also introduces Wayne to the Tumbler, the first version of the Batmobile.

    In The Dark Knight, Lucius continues to help Batman upgrade his technology, and protects Batman's identity. Fox's loyalty is tested when Batman,desperate to find the Joker, uses Fox's radar system on a city-wide scale, which Lucius finds unethical, but still helps Batman anyway. Batman tells him that when he is done to enter his name to destroy the radar system so it won't be used again.

    In the third and final film, The Dark Knight Rises, Fox remains president as Wayne Enterprises falls further toward financial collapse with new CEO Miranda Tate getting involved. When Bruce returns to the Batman role, Fox shows him the flying machine he has nicknamed "The Bat".

    DC Animated Universe

    Batman: The Animated Series
    Batman: The Animated Series

    Voiced by Brock Peters on Batman: The Animated Series and later Mel Winkler on The New Batman Adventures.

    A son of his, Lucius Fox Jr. appears in Batman Beyond.

    The Batman

    Voiced by Louis Gossett Jr.

    Batman: Gotham Knight

    Voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson in the animated movie set between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight in the segment "Field Test".

    Video Games

    Lucius Fox has appeared in small roles in the video games for Batman Begins, Lego Batman (DS version), Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham and DC Universe Online. He has also received mentions in Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City.


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