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Purgatori Bites Him
Purgatori Bites Him

Lucifer is originally seen as being the ruler of Hell and he chose Leviatha as his bride. Although the marriage only last for minutes, Lucifer has great respect for her. After she is buried underground, Lucifer was free to take other prides, but he must uphold his arrangement with Leviatha; that he could take as many brides he wishes, but only for one night, after that he usually killed them. Only one pride managed to escape her fate; she was Purgatori. She managed that by biting Lucifer, which angered him and he threw her through Nexus of All Things.

In time Lucifer got bored of his monotonous rule. Then Matthias arrived to Hell and he was followed by his daughter. Lucifer taught Hope how he could gain power in Hell, and she became Lady Death. Matthias had managed to gather himself a formidable army and went to war with Lucifer. Matthias lost, but Lucifer wanted to amuse himself by pretending that Matthias won, and took his form. He didn't manage to hold it long though, as Lady Death came to kill her father and saw through Lucifer's illusion. Lucifer and Lady Death fought, and again Lucifer pretended that he lost. Then he cursed Lady Death that she couldn't walk on earth when there is anyone live there. That curse influenced Lady Death to seek megadeath on Earth.

Centuries had passed and Lucifer's plans to see how Lady Death manages to rule Hell, were interrupted by Purgatori; who had returned and wanted Lucifer essence for herself. Not finding it in Lady Death, she makes a guess that Lucifer is alive. Lucifer then shows himself and is angered that his plans were revealed. He destroys Endless Graveyard and convinced Lady Death to give in her inner darkness, creating Lady Demon. Then Lucifer pits her against Purgatori for his own entertainment. Purgatori was again thrown through the Nexus of All Things to Earth. Lucifer invites Lady Demon to his bedchamber that night. IN his surprise Lady Death has regained her senses and has her mother's angelic energy to fight Lucifer. Lucifer is thrown to Heaven's Gate, but his not worthy and is destroyed. That started Judgment Era in Hell.


Lucifer is recreated by Leviatha, who had returned to Hell and Malady. Lucifer ignores them and returns to his kingdom, but finds it gone; only Lady Death's Endless Graveyard stands. Now knowing that he too has power of creation, he sends Lady Death to Earth and follows her. Lucifer makes his new home in most obvious place, Las Vegas. He opens a casino named Inferno, and every player who enters practically sells their soul. Lucifer presents himself as Mr. Lourde, and he is accompanied with Pagan, Séance and Asteroth.

Lucifer plans on turning Earth to Hell, and it is already starting in Las Vegas. Lucifer lets Séance create Lucifer Engine. It's a machine that gathers souls, in the Rapture. Lucifer as ever schemer plans on stealing the souls that travel to Heaven. He succeeds in that, he makes the people think that Heaven has abandoned them, and they curse God with their dying breaths. Then Lady Death attacks Lucifer's fortress, with Asteroth by her side. Lucifer names Asteroth - The Twice-Damned and sentences him to live in shame. When Lady Death summons other 3 Horsemen of Apocalypse, Lucifer does not retreat... he relocates temporarily. Lady Death again attacks Lucifer, but she is alone this time and he manages to overpower her. With the help of her sword Apocalypse, Lady Death manages to free herself from the bonds. After Lady Death destroys the Lucifer Engine, Lucifer is stripped most of his powers, and he escapes with Pagan and Séance. He uses the distraction to sneak into the Heaven and sits on God's throne. He couldn't be long there, as Lady Death conquered Heaven and came to destroy the Jehovex Machine. Lady Death saw through Lucifer's deception again and killed him.

Lucifer was resurrected in the new world after the apocalypse by his most loyal subjects. He first approached Purgatori and raped her, and then he kidnapped her lover Rakshasa. Bedlam and Morgan Gallows start to gather heroes who would oppose him.

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