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    Demon. Ghost Rider villain.

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    This Lucifer is not to be confused with Satan or any other Demon bearing a similar name.

    Lucifer has kept his true history a mystery throughout the years via the art of deceit. It is believed that he was an angel who assisted in banishing The N'Garai from Earth and later led a group of followers in a rebellion against God during the great war in Heaven. 
    Following his defeat, Lucifer and his lieutenants Beelzeboul, Kazann, Malachi, Pazuzu, Xaphan and others were all cast down to Hell as punishment. During this time, he became the demon known as the Prince of Lies and the ruler of one of the many dimensions that have come to take on the name "Hell."
    In Hell, Lucifer looked nothing like the angel he once was. He and all of his Lieutenants had degenerated into demon's, some through instruction, others adapted more naturally. But they had all over time changed into twisted creatures of evil.
    Many of the other Hell-Lords have taken on the appearance or even claimed to be the true Devil to play off his reputation. But nevertheless Lucifer is still credited as the one who originally created Zarathos, the demonic entity who acts as the source of the Ghost Riders' powers.
    It was only in recent times Lucifer himself has emerged. His servants in the mortal world manipulated Johnny Blaze into damning his own soul to hell so Lucifer could torment him. Lucifer tricked Johnny Blaze into escaping Hell along with Lucifer.  The stress of the journey broke Lucifer into 666 pieces which inhabited the recently deceased. 
    This version worked to arrange their own deaths while causing as much mayhem as possible. Each time one died its power would be absorbed by the rest until Lucifer fully reformed on Earth. Ghost Rider hunted down and slew most of these versions himself. In the end the Deceiver himself was deceived. 

    Lucifer vs. Mikaboshi
    Lucifer vs. Mikaboshi

    Blaze tricked Lucifer into thinking he was at full power when one of his hosts was still alive, but brain dead, engaged Ghost Rider in battle only to realize that he had naught but a modicum of his true might. 
    Thus, before he could fully manifest his true form, an ally of Ghost Rider killed the last host body with relative ease and sent Lucifer howling back into the darkest depths of Hell.
    Recently, Lucifer was defeated in a battle against The Chaos King and his army of Alien Slave Gods, who had stormed Hell as part of their incredibly successful campaign to conquer The Underworlds. Powerless before Chaos King's might, Lucifer was stripped of his powers and slaughtered without mercy or remorse.

    Powers and Abilities

    As a Hell-Lord Lucifer possesses a vast array of demonic powers only a small fraction of which have been seen. Most commonly he employs his powers to project hellfire. He is completely immortal and always reforms in Hell whenever his physical form is destroyed.


    Despite his vast power Lucifer is trapped in hell and cannot leave it under his own power. He had to trick Johnny Blaze into freeing him. Lucifer's metaphysical essence was said to be too great for Earth resulting in his fragmenting.  His fragments could not commit suicide due to that being a sin would have condemned that fragment to Hell, making it impossible for him to ever truly reform.


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