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Swan Songs

The final volume starts off with a stand alone story called Fireside Tales,this is probably the only weak spot in the whole trade.The story only serves to give Ellaine a love intrest (the kid from Stichglass in volume 7 Exodus).Nex twe have the two part Evensong, in which lucifer prepares to leave all of creation and enter the void.The two part story really gives you the feeling that the series is coming to a close as Lucifer says his goodbyes.The Guadium Option, shows where all old gods who are no longer worshipped end up and gives a pretty good stand alone story.Eve is closer for all of the female characters especially Ellaine,who prepares to truly begin her Godship.In the final issue All We Need Of Hell, we see lucifer in the void looking at his personal history right before he has one final chat with God.The one-shot Nirvana is a great story and a really good look on japenese mystics. 
Jon J Muth delivers greatness in Nirvana while Gross is second for his great work in All We Need Of Hell. 
To me Lucifer is more then worth to its predecessor The Sandman and really surpasses it.The last act of Sandman to me was good but not great while Lucifer's was beyond great.Mike Carey is a great writer on par with Neil Gaiman and I will really miss this series.

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