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Part 2 of 4. Lucifer arrives in Hell for his duel with Amenadiel only to find an unholy alliance of angels and demons forming against him. But his most dangerous enemy may be closer at hand, and the rekindling of an old relationship brings dangers of its own. If Mazikeen's and the Lilim's quest fails, the Morningstar may not even live to enter the arena.

Lord Arux recruits an assassin, one fully capable of taking out Lucifer Morningstar before the duel can even begin, meanwhile Lucifer himself talks much with Christopher Rudd, the two sharing their many thoughts on different matters, both cunning men, when Lady Lys arrives, not for Rudd but for Lucifer to whom she tells of the plot. Later that night, Lucifer sits in a tower and is attacked, but because they were prepared the assassin is the one who dies, but not before he uses his weapon, a cherub that gives off despair that now lives within Lucifer. And what use is the willpower to do anything with the essence of doubt and failure living within you? Meanwhile, Mazikeen and Susano are both trapped on Scoria's island, he does not allow the Son of Izanami to leave, nor does he succeed with gaining the love or respect of Mazikeen as he beats and rapes her, she still mocks him. So he becomes angry and shows to the two just exactly what he has done, bringing them to see the thoughts of Yahweh.

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