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The conclusion of the 4-part "Children & Monsters." With Sandalphon flushed out of hiding, and the truth of Elaine's origins finally revealed, all of Lucifer's schemes are coming to fruition. But the gate is in the hands of the angelic host, and there's more blood to be spilled before the Morningstar can pull off his greatest act of rebellion - an act that will put him in direct conflict with Heaven.

Lucifer shows just what exactly he is all about as he comes to confront Sandalphon, with the intent of taking back his brother and niece. In not time he proves he is serious and that this is no time for jokes but Sandalphon still seems ready to fight to the end and as such is left in shambles, Lucifer claiming his prize. Back at the Lux Amenadiel proves his strength but is humiliated when Lucifer arrives, a duel is planned, and a new world is born as the Demiurgic power is released.

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