Lucien's Library

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    Within The Dreaming there is a Library in which the forgotten works of the world are kept. Some of these works are stories dreamed but never written down. Lucien of The Dreaming is the primary caretaker of this one of a kind Library.

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    "...My Library..."

    Lucien dedicates his life to books and stories. He is the chief librarian of the Library in the realm of The Dreaming. Lucien also serves as the right hand man to Dream of the Endless (Both Morpheus and Daniel) and this library serves as his head office.

    The library now is stable again with Daniel being in power. During Morpheus' reign The Library became lost when Morpheus was held captive on earth. With the stability back Lucien and many other of the Dreaming are helping to fill this Library again with forgotten and undreamed lore.


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