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    A Human-Miraluka Hybrid. Master Draay was a member, of the Jedi, Council, during the Madalorian, Wars of the Old Republic. Lucien was the son of Barrison Draay - a hero and Jedi during the Great Sith War - and Krynda Draay - a half Miraluka Jedi Knight. And a Powerful Force User as well as Force Lighting User

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    Lucien Draay was born on Coruscant to Krynda Draay and Barrison Draay during the Great Sith War started by Exar Kun and Ulic Qel-Droma. Barrison was a financier turned Jedi Knight and considered a hero during the war, while Krynda could not fight due to complications during the pregnancy. Barrison would later be killed during an ambush setup by his steward Haazen and the Sith. Krynda was disillusioned with losing her husband Barrison, her sister, and her former Master Vodo Siask-Bas during the war. Lucien was left in the care of the family house droid most of the time and Krynda denied him Jedi training when he failed to develop the Miraluka's Force Sight ability. Haazen became a retainer for the family after his recovery.

    Krynda had given up training padawans until a four year old Lucien brought her a young Miraluka named Q'anilia. After she began training again Lucien begged to be trained wanting to be like both his mother and father in joining the Jedi Order. One source of tension between the mother and son was over Lucien's father since Krynda would always remind Lucien of his death. After his insistent begging Krynda relented to have her son trained in the ways of the Force though she had her retainer Haazen train Lucien instead of taking the task herself.

    Lucien did not like this turn of events due to Haazen's status as a failed padawan and his handicaps from the same raid that had taken Luciens father. One of Lucien's pastimes during his childhood was to spend summers on Arkadia with the son of one of his fathers financial colleagues Alok Adasca. Though Alok considered Lucien a good friend Lucien thought of him as a pest and typical rich spoiled brat. Lucien was always invited to parties of higher class people though never enjoyed them.

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    After proving himself a capable warrior by defeating all four of his mothers trainees during lightsaber practice, Haazen praised his pupil for his advanced ability. His mother was not so pleased at Lucien beating her students since she was training them to be the best seers in the galaxy. Haazen brokered a deal with Vandar Tokare on he Jedi Council to allow Lucien to stay on a prohibitory status to allow him into the Jedi Order. Vandar accepted and Lucien was allowed into the Order. His mother again was more focused on her group and determined they would become they group to foresee the Sith's next return. This became the Jedi Covenant who were backed by Barrison Draay's trust financially and asked Lucien to join for protection and to handle the arrangements of the group.

    All members would become full fledged Jedi masters and be sent to the currently unallinged Outer-rim world of Taris. Lucien and his mother Krynda would form another group within the Jedi Covenant made from Jedi Shadows, these Shadows were loyal to Krynda and lead by Lucien. Their mission was to locate and retreive various Sith artifacts and take them to a secret vault where they were studied and destroyed. Unknown to everyone else, Haazen was manipulating this group to bring his the Sith artifacts which he was using to strengthen his own Force powers.

    Once assigned to Taris, all the masters in the secret Jedi Convenant were assigned padawans by Master Vandar. Lucien was assigned Zayne Carrick. Zayne was said to have a special connection to the Force, though Lucien failed to see this. Lucien's duties meant they took away from Zayne's training time and his skills suffered because of this. Zayne soon fell behind his fellow padawans and the other master actually made fun of this saying the Force had a sense of humor for giving Zayne marginal Force Powers. Lucien would soon give up all together in training Zayne.

    During an exercise where the padawans were sent to the Rogue Moon of Taris, members of the Jedi Covenant had visions of a "Sith in a red environmental suit" killing them. This suit was the same one worn by one of the padawans during their exercise. the Covenant concluded that they should slay their padawans in order to prevent the Sith from returning. The Jedi masters agreed to kill their padawans during their Knighting ceremony. The original plan was to frame Shad Jelavan for the killings due to his headstrong nature, but

    once the ceremony was going to begin, Jelavan, noticed Lucien's lightsaber and tried to interrogate him as to why he would need it since Zayne was so far behind them as was not supposed to be Knighted. The masters were forced to slay the padawans earlier than expected and Zayne was characteristically late to the event. Zayne walked in right after the slaying and ran from the Jedi Covenant. Despite locking down the Jedi Tower Zayne was able to make it to his speeder with the Snivvian, Marn Hierogryph, and evaded the masters by escaping to Taris' Lower City.

    Zayne became the scapegoat of the murdering of the padawans since he was still alive. Lucien was forced to work with the local constable in locating his former padawan. The seers of the Jedi Covenant gathered to locate Zayne and saw the Undercity of Taris. Once there they never located Carrick, but ended up fighting several rakghouls. During the fight, Lucien received word from Xamar that Carrick and Hierogryph were headed to the Junk Junction.

    Lucien Vs Zayne
    Lucien Vs Zayne

    Lucien finally caught up with his former padawan and was about to apprehend him, when two newcomers of Zayne, Camper and Jarael, helped him escape using the Last Resort, a junk hauler buried in junk, and flew into space. Lucien then tracked Zayne at the location where the Covenant had their vision. Again, Zayne evaded him again and was able to retrieve the droid Elbee that Lucien had thought he destroyed.

    Powers and Abilities

    Lucien's skill in the force was not beyond what most Knights and Masters had achieved though his real skill was in his lightsaber skills. Lucien was a skilled duelist even though his main teacher was a "failed padawan". Due th Haazen's lack of Knighthood Lucien was taught the first form Shii-Cho and he became a master of the style. Lucien was a competent duelist though was shown to not be able to defeat his former padawan Zayne Carrick who was noted to be an inferior duelist and had a "strange connection" to the force.


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