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Lucia Von Bardas was Latveria's prime minister. She used tech-based super villains to smuggle certain tech to American soil. Nick Fury however found out her plan and when he didn't get authorization to proceed, he went behind his superiors' backs. He gathered a group of heroes who overthrew Latveria's government, Lucia among them.

A year later Lucia has recovered from the first encounter where she was believed to die. She attacked the heroes who came to Latveria a year earlier in their homes. In the final confrontation all the tech-based villains had gathered to attack the Secret War group. Lucia entered the fray herself and revealed her plan at last. From all the villains there was a piece of a bomb in their tech, and they all were activated it could level a city. Lucia was taken down by a young hero and SHIELD agent, Quake.

She was later revealed to have survived her encounter with Quake, and was secretly held in SHIELD custody until Norman Osborn dissolved the agency during the Dark Reign. Now freed, she set out to exact her vengeance by assassinating Doctor Doom and starting a war between the United States and Latveria.

Other Appearances


Lucia in the Fantastic Four cartoon
Lucia in the Fantastic Four cartoon

Lucia appeared in Fantastic Four : World's Greatest Heroes as little more than Doctor Doom's henchwoman. She was seen in two episodes and was seemingly destroyed in her last appearance.

Lucia also appeared in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, again working as Doctor Doom's henchwoman. In the season 2 premier, she lead an assault on the Baxter Building and kidnapped the Wasp and Susan Storm at her master's behest. She was deactivated after having one of her internal components torn out by Black Panther.

Video Games:

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Lucia also briefly makes herself known in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. After Nicky Fury leads a non-government sanctioned task force into Latveria in order to stop an alleged terrorist plot, Von Bardas is presumed dead. She returns 1 year later greatly augmented by cybernetic enhancements in order to destroy Times Square and enact her vengance upon Fury and the rest of the world.

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