Lucia Hyde

    Character » Lucia Hyde appears in 17 issues.

    Xebel-born mother of Jackson Hyde, a.k.a Aqualad.

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    Lucia Hyde was created by Benjamin Percy, Gary Frank, Geoff Johns, and Khoi Pham. She made her first appearance in Brightest Day #16 - Short Fuse.


    Jackson Hyde's mother, aka Aqualad. She is a refugee from Xebel who was hiding, along with her son, from her compatriots and from Black Manta.

    A member of the Atlantean nation of Xebel, Lucia fell in love with a diver who was wandering the area in search of an ancient and powerful object. To that end, that man promised him a life outside of Xebel as soon as they found the object. Soon after, she realized that all the promises of that man were a lie, and he attacked her and left her to fate, without knowing that she was pregnant. That man was David Hyde, who would later be known as Black Manta.

    Because of all this, she decides to go into exile to the world of the surface, going to live in the desert with her son and trying to make her use her Atlantean and Xebelian powers as little as possible. For this reason, she settles in New Mexico in order to hide Jackson from Black Manta. When Aqualad decides to join Damian Wayne's Teen Titans, her fears come true, prompting her to go to San Francisco to warn her son of her past. Because of this, she has to fight Black Manta and Aqualad discovers her own origin and the evil of her father.

    Later, with the birth of Princess Andy and with Aquaman's tutelage over Aqualad, Lucia settles down in Amnesty Bay, to be close to her son. She and Jackson go out for lunch in Amnesty Bay where they meet their waiter Davi. Later on, guards from Atlantis come to take Lucia there due to a conflict with Jackson. However, she escapes. Afterwards, Mera visits her.


    Lucia possesses the standard powers that one would have being from Xebel. This includes super strength, super sight, super hearing, invulnerability, longevity, and water powers. She is also skilled at combat and deceit, showcasing the abilities to successfully lie to her son and to fight and escape trained Atlantean guards.

    Personal Information


    • Eye Color: Brown
    • Hair Color: Black


    • Known Relatives: Lokua Hyde (father, deceased), Jackson Hyde (son)
    • Race: Atlantean
    • Citizenship: American and Xebelian
    • Martial Status: Single

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