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    Character » Lucas Hilton appears in 18 issues.

    Lieutenant Lucas Hilton is a police officer of the Star City Police Deparment.

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    Lieutenant Lucas Hilton was created by Andrew Kreisberg and Mike Norton. He first appeared in 16. issue of Green Arrow/Black Canary.

    Story Arc (New Earth)

    Lt. Lucas Hilton was a police officer from Star City, who became an ally of Green Arrow and Black Canary. He helped the heroes in their hunt for Cupid, and faced along with them the menaces of Discord, Everyman (now going under the alias Dark Archer) and the second Big Time. It was during a battle with this one that his skull was pierced by a hunting knife. Hilton survived the wound, but the knife cannot be removed without killing him. The damage his brain suffered, anyway, causes Hilton a massive personality disorder, and he becomes violent and aggressive, arriving to the point of shooting a cop point blank. Green Arrow is forced to hunt down his former friend, hoping for a future cure.

    Other Media

    "Arrow" (TV Series; 2012 - ???)

    Lucas Hilton, played by the actor Roger Cross, first appeared in the pilot episode of the series. In "Arrow", Hilton is a police detective and the partner of Quentin Lance, the TV counterpart of Larry Lance.


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