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Earlier in the century Lucas Cross was wrongly imprisoned and dying of cancer. He would never get to hold his child in his arms or see his wife again. He commented that he was lucky that his fellow inmate was a murderer since he would rather not have a protracted death. His inmate rhetorically offers him a way to survive his disease, survive his sentence, and see his family again. Cross asks "what's the catch?" and the catch turns out that his inmate is a 


 Lucas Cross was created by Marc Guggenheim and Howard Chaykin and first appeared in  Blade: The Vampire Hunter #1 (2006)

Mayor Story Arcs

Meeting Blade

In the present, Lucas Cross captures Blade in an effort to fulfill a prophecy wherein Blade is required to drink a virgin's blood.  He chains Blade up with a young girl and starves him in an effort to force him to drink her blood or die. At first, it appears that Blade was going to give into his vampire blood-lust but true to his heroic origins he chews off his own hand to escape rather than give into his vampiric urges.  However Blade unwittingly fulfills the part of the prophecy which states "After his vampire urge is sated upon drinking of virgin essence," when he drains the blood of Draconis, a vampire priest.
He uses his position as a member of the benign Order of Tyrana to gain Blades trust. Eventually they venture to Transylvania in effort to restore Blade's soul. He claims that ever since he made the Faustian bargain to become a vampire and live again he has searched for a way to restore his soul. He tells Blade that fulfilling the prophecy will restore all vampire's souls. However, Blade knowing that  vampires' soullessness is their only weakness, refuses to fulfill the prophecy at Castle Dracula. Desperately wanting his soul back his fellow vampire hunter Hannibal King attacks Blade and Blade is forced to stake his former friend. Blade's refusal to proceed with the prophecy forces Lucas Cross' secretive colleague to ambush Blade and incapicitate him. A resurrected Dracula stands before Blade triumphant. It turns out that Lucas Cross is not the only vampire interested in restoring his soul, Count Dracula has been working on the prophecy for centuries. 
In a confrontation with his father over the restoration of their souls the vial of splintered wood, which represents "Vlad's remains",  is shattered and the prophecy is fulfilled. However, Lucas Cross feels no different, he is still soulless. He claims that nothing has happened. However, it turns out that something did happen. A naked Hannibal King stands before them revealing that the "Returning essence lost, From those undead in graves" part of the prophecy was not meant to restore the souls of vampire but to resurrect each and every vampire who ever lived.  


A father in chains
Freed by a son not yet birthed
Will unlock Vlad's remains
Upon the salted earth

After his vampire urge is sated
Upon drinking of virgin essence
His resistance now abated
Upon learning of Father's presence

Returning essence lost
From those undead in graves
At immortal living's cost
To the man known as Blade

The prophecy was stolen off of Lucas Cross' computer by the vampire detective Hannibal King. 

Powers and Abilities 

Much like that of a typical Vampire, Lucas Cross, has super strength, speed, stamina, and agility. Immune to aging, with limited psychic abilities, based on blood connections, he requires blood to maintain his full strength. He is vulnerable to garlic, silver and sunlight. 
Physical Statistics 
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 224 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Bald

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