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    A Fighting/Steel-type Pokémon. Lucario appears in the Eighth pokemon film, Lucario and the Mystery of Mew.

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    Is known as the Aura Pokemon. Lucario has the ability to sense the abilities of all living things and also the ability to understand human speech. Lucario evolves from a Riolu. Lucario was originally believed to be the first Pokemon to Mega evolve.

    • Type: Fighting/Steel
    • Ability: Steadfast/Inner Focus
    • Height: 3'11"
    • Weight: 119 lbs.
    • Pokedex #: 448

    Other Media

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    The Lucario is from a time of war and served along side a nobleman named Sir Aaron. In order to save Lucario, Sir Aaron trapped Lucario in a staff, but Lucario thought that Aaron had betrayed him. Because of this, Lucario grew to hate all humans, thinking they were all like Sir Aaron. Years later, Ash wins this staff in a contest and ends up freeing Lucario from it. Lucario grows to start to trust Ash, and eventually learns that Aaron sealed Lucario away to save him. Lucario then sacrifices himself to The Tree of Beginning and Mew.

    Super Smash Brothers Brawl

    Lucario as he appears in SSBB
    Lucario as he appears in SSBB

    Lucario is a playable character in the third game of the Super Smash Brothers series. In the adventure mode, Subspace Emissary, Lucario battles Meta Knight at the top of a mountain. You can choose who wins the battle, but then they have a truce and head for the Halberd which has been taken over. While in the Halberd, the pair team up with Solid Snake and save Princess Peach and Princess Zelda and take back the Halberd. Lucario continues with the other characters to take on Tabuu, which takes the combined might off all the characters to defeat.


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