Character » Lucan appears in 43 issues.

    He was one of the Viltrumites that nearly killed a race of mantis people. Eventually, he and the other Viltrumites make Nolan their Grand Regent and now he is a father of two Viltrumite half-breeds.

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    Lucan was born on Viltrum and is thousands of years old. He was one of the Viltrumites that attacked Allen the alien and left him dead for space. He and his 2 Viltrumite allies would go to the planet where Nolan was and begin to wreak havoc across the skies and as Nolan was fighting his partners, Lucan finds mark in a cave and tries to kill Oliver Grayson. Eventually, Nolan fights Lucan and stops him from killing his family.

    Powers, Abilities, and Weaknesses

    Like Omni-Man, Lucan is extraordinarily strong, fast, and agile. He's invulnerable to harm, capable of flight, and self-healing. Lucan possesses the ability to heal almost instantly from all of his injuries as well as live longer than mortals. As a Viltrumite soldier, he's a skilled hand-to-hand combatant. Besides The Scourge Virus and Ragnars, Lucan has no other vulnerabilities.


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