Luca Aldine

    Character » Luca Aldine appears in 47 issues.

    Blindfold's older brother.

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    Luca Aldine lived with his parents in North Carolina until the birth of his sister Ruth. Born with no eyes, their father left after her birth muttering the word freak. Their mother was forced to work too long to support them both, and Ruth was left with Luca who hated her for causing all his problems. Luca both physically and emotionally abused her, before using drugs. Luca was eventually sent to rehab where he fell under the tutelage of a religiously bigoted minister. Luca's abuse of Ruth and her mother escalated until one day he came to kill Ruth with a chainsaw, when their mother died protecting her from him, he was quickly apprehended and sentenced to death. After this tragedy, Ruth was raised by her aunt in Prospect Plains, New Jersey. The time with her aunt was the happiest six years in her life, and she learned to control and master her power. Ruth attended the execution of her brother, where he manifested astral projection and stole half of Ruth power leaving her mind broken. Luca's psyche survived and only has his eyes.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    X-Men Legacy

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    As part of a plan to kill his sister, Luca manipulated Legion into rescuing the twins Sojobo and Karasu, who were working for a criminal organization in Japan. When the X-Men arrive, Legion and Blindfold meet, and Luca attacks his sister, causing her to fall into a coma. Luca then possesses the body of Sojobo, and uses him to gain access to the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning. During a distraction caused by Legion, he sneaks into the medical wing, intent on killing his sister.

    Powers and abilities

    Luca did not manifest any abilities until the day of his execution, when his ghost or astral projection escaped from his body and psychically attacked his sister, Blindfold. During the attack, Luca stole half of Blindfold's powers.

    • Telekinesis:
    • Chaos Manipulation: Luca is able to successfully manipulate events to achieve a certain desired outcome.
    • Psychic Possession: Luca can possess other beings

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