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Brief History


Lt. Stone is a first member of super power community after Thor . He has many combats with and helps Thor and the Asgardians. In Code:Blue he has many victories versus Ulik, Bulldozer, Loki . Lt. Marc Stone convocates Jock Jackson in a former member. In Code Blue he fights against the villains to pursuit the justice. Code:Blue and Wariors Three have a batle with Uroc, the rock troll because he go in the prison of Riker's island for broke Ulik out of the cell. He always going to mission of and organized the mission: many armor, variety S.W.A.T. costume and the location where the danger.

He stay in a more mission with Thunderstrike to defend the city of the super criminal and Asgardian creature . Lt. Stone doing recommend Thor when they collaborates and explained his tactics.


Marc Stone utilizes a variety of armor : hand guns, grenade launchers, heavy weaponry. Lt. Stone is a briliant man and skilled fighter. Lt. Stone collaborate with some heroes.

Other Versions


 MC2 Mayor Stone
MC2 Mayor Stone

Stone eventually retired from the police force and went into politics and decided to run for mayor against Abigal O'Neil. However, it was revealed that Wilson Fisk, better known as the Kingpin of Crime was trying to manipulate the mayoral election and have O'Neil win. He set up for an plot to have Stone assassinated, however after help from Kaine and Darkdevil, the murder plot was foiled and O'Neil was exposed leaving Stone to win the election alone. He has since started cracking down on organized crime and has endorsed known super heroes against costume criminals. He has also started putting more city funding into schooling and housing development.

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