Lt. Chritton

    Character » Lt. Chritton appears in 14 issues.

    Century City police officer who works with the Green Hornet

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    A Lieutenant with the Century City Police Department, Chritton arrived on the scene of the new Green Hornet failing from a bridge with a criminal. He took the Hornet to a special place he had set aside and unmasked him. He claimed he had already half guessed anyway that the Hornet was Britt Reid Jr.  
    He offered Britt a partnership. He claimed that the Hornet pretending to be a crime boss but never killing his enemies would never work. Chritton offered to keep the secret if the Hornet notified him of his crime fighting. The Hornet could stop the bad guys, Chritton and the police could swoop in and let the Hornet escape, and he would pick up the extra arrests, benefiting both their reputations.  
    Seeing his point, the Hornet and Kato gave him a device that would notify him of their location. 


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