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    Lrrr is the ruler of Omicron Persei 8.

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    Lrrr is the ruler of the planet Omicron Persei 8, a planet located about 1000 light years away from earth, allowing them to watch TV shows from our time. When Fry knocked out a Fox broadcasting station back in the 20th century, this resulted in the disruption of the Omicronians signal, prompting an invasion of earth, and the first appearance of Lrrr, and his wife Ndnd. Their demands were that they get "MacNeal", the show they were watching (A spoof on the real Fox show Ali McBeal) or they will raise the temperature of the earth by one billion degrees each day. Zapp Branigan delivered them instead President MacNeal, not knowing they simply wanted to see the end of the show. Fry's TV watching ended up saving the day by making up an ending to the show, as he had been watching it, thus diverting the attack from Lrrr. Lrrr was also seen watching "Friends", and wondered why the largest one, Ross, doesn't eat the others.

    A second invasion from Lrrr was prompted when the Planet Express crew unknowingly stumbled upon their nursery planet, and discovered what they called "Popplers". These turned out to be young Omicronians, and Lrrr demanded that for each of their young that was eaten, they will eat one human. It was eventually negotiated that he just eat Leela, the one that "discovered" the Popplers, however after being convinced by a young Omicronian who thought of Leela as it's mother, he was fine with just eating the hippy, Free Waterfall Jr. instead, which then resulted in him becoming stoned.

    A third invasion of earth was prompted on Valentines Day when the Planet Express crew delivered a peace offering of candy hearts. Lrrr found the hearts chalky, and when he found a heart saying "I wuv you" he was both confused and infuriated by this concept of wuv, because surely it meant love.

    Lrrr also had bought Fry's nose, or Human Horn on the black market as an aphrodisiac in an attempt to save his marriage to Ndnd. It's revealed by Ndnd that Lrrr has a sensitive side, which she fell in love with after he had cried and nursed a bunny back to health after he had accidentally stepped on it. While attempting to harvest Fry's "lower horn" instead of his nose, Lrrr saved Big Foot from a deranged park ranger, and realized that taking Fry's lower horn made him not much better than the ranger, thus rekindling the spark with Ndnd, showing the sensitive side she fell in love with.


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