Love Sausage

    Character » Love Sausage appears in 13 issues.

    A former Russian superhero, ex-police officer and good friend to the Boys.

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    Vas is a Russian ex-cop, ex-tank commander, ex-superhero, communist and current owner of a bar in Moscow with a penchant for drinking a beverage made from brake fluid that he passes off as Vodka. He used to be part of Glorious Five Year Plan, a team of five superheroes (including teammates The Tractor, Purge, Red Banner, and Collectivo, all presumably retired) in the days of the Soviet Union. He is on friendly terms with the Boys, especially bonding with Hughie and is so far the only likable "supe" outside of Starlight and possibly Tek Knight (and the only one the Boys know of).

    Vas' 'Vodka' saves both Vas and Hughie from the poison laced in a Russian soup borscht, Vas puts it off as "This shit would probably kill AIDS virus!". Hughie strangely grows to like the drink and Vas gives a whole bag of bottles to him at the end of the story.

    Vas later helps the Boys defeat Stormfront as he is so powerful they could not do it by themselves.

    Vas was killed by Butcher in issue #66 when Butcher first nearly blew Vas' arm off using a depleted uranium round, then finished the job by shooting him twice with grenades from an RPG.


    Appropriately named Love Sausage's superpower appears to be that he is extremely well endowed and super-strong and durable. This being the case, he cannot run straight whilst aroused and describes large female breasts to be his Kryptonite.

    He is also missing fingers however from an incident with "Female of the Species"


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