Love Hina #5

    Love Hina » Love Hina #5 - Vol. 5 released by Tokyopop on September 2002.

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    Keitaro is on the roof brooding over Naru's crush on Seta. Haruka comes to him and asks for his help running the Beach Cafe Hinata; a beach cafe she manages during the summer. Keitaro agrees, and the whole gang goes to the beach.

    At the beach, Keitaro overhears Naru discussing her feelings with Tama-chan(the turtle). He is interrupted by the other girls and he yells at them; causing Shinobu to cry. The girls realize Keitaro is upset about Naru, and Shinobu volunteers to sacrifice herself to make Keitaro feel better. She pretends to need CPR, but accidentally ends up kicking Keitaro in the groin.

    Later, Naru sees Shinobu helping Keitaro in the kitchen and she wonders if she and Seta were ever like that.

    Haitani and Shirai(Keitaro's friends from his exam classes) come to the Beach Cafe Hinata and are surprised to see Keitaro working alonside all the beautiful women.

    Later that evening, Haitani and Shirai talk with Keitaro about his relationship with Naru. They vow to help him after they hear about all his problems. Naru is having a similar conversation with Kitsune outside in the bath.

    Keitaro and Naru talk outside on the balcony and Naru puts her head on Keitaro's shoulder. Keitaro is happy to leave it at that, but Haitani and Shirai have other ideas. They throw a beer can down, and it knocks Keitaro out. He falls on top of Naru. Naru thinks he's trying to take advantage of her and is furious. She runs off... and right into Seta.

    The whole gang, along with Sarah and Seta, go to a summer festival. Naru's still not talking to Keitaro. Keitaro, seeing her pal around with Seta, gets jealous and asks Shinobu to accompany him.

    Naru is unable to have a good time because she's so angry at Keitaro. Seta notices this and tells her to go and have a good time. He and Haruka go off to see the fireworks. Meanwhile, Shinobu thanks Keitaro for the good time, but she says she would be happier if he and Naru weren't fighting. She leaves to go find Naru.

    Naru and Keitaro run into each other at the fireworks. He apologizes, but due to the fireworks going off, Naru thinks he is blaming HER. She uppercuts him into the sky.

    The Hinata gang is performing a play for the local children. It's a version of "Journey to the West. Keitaro is Sanzou Genjou, Naru is Son Goku, Shinobu is Sakyamuni, Motoko is Gojou Sa and Su is Hakkai Cho. When Naru finds out that Seta is playing Gyumaoah; she changes roles and becomes Sanzou, while Keitaro becomes Goku. Hijinks ensue, but the play is big hit and they are asked to perform again next year.

    The gang is finishing up at the beach cafe, and Haitani and Shirai finally apologize to Naru for knocking Keitaro out.

    Seta crashes his van and tells Keitaro he's going to need him to watch Sarah for awhile. He drives off, and Sarah is upset. She asks Keitaro and Naru to take her to a deserted island to cheer her up, but she really plans on leaving the two of them there. Her plans go awry when Tama-chan bites a hole in their raft; leaving all three of them on the island. They find a shipwreck and Sarah plans on killing them with an ax, but she gets scared by a skeleton.

    Sarah falls asleep that night, while Keitaro and Naru sit on a beach. Naru agrees to help Keitaro with his studies when they get back home. Sarah sleep-kicks Naru, which causes her to accidentally kiss Keitaro. Naru tells him it was an accident, but Keitaro is starry-eyed. Finally, they find a sandbar illuminated by moonlight and walk back to the other island.

    Now back at Hinata House; Shinobu, Su and Sarah talk about what they think kissing is like. Su makes a Special Kiss Training Companion so Shinobu can practice kissing. The machine chases a terrified Shinobu, and ends up in a liplock with Motoko. Motoko is embarrassed, and Su deduces that the machine was Motoko's first kiss. Su gives her a kiss to make it up to her; which embarrasses Motoko further. Su reveals that Motoko was HER first kiss and she tasted like soy sauce. Kitsune walks in to see what all the commotion is about, and Shinobu notices a hickey on her neck. Shinobu asks her about kissing, and Kitsune puts some lipstick on her.

    Shinobu goes up to the roof to talk to Keitaro and try out her lipstick. He leans forward, and Shinobu thinks he is about to kiss her. Instead, he was just knocking a bug off her, and Shinobu accidentally kisses Tama-chan.

    Motoko has a nightmare about her sister leaving her whe she was younger and Keitaro shows up at the end. Motoko wakes up and the rest of the gang mentions how her swordsmanship seems to have gotten worse since Keitaro moved in. Motoko decides to leave Hinata House.

    She arrives at a mountain cabin only to be surprised by the Motoko Return and Rescue Brigade(Keitaro, Sarah, Su, and Tama-chan). Motoko decides that all her problems are Keitaro's fault and ties him up outside. She practices her technique on him, until a branch fall on her head and knocks her unconscious.

    Back at the cabin, Keitaro takes care of Motoko. She flashes back to her sister giving her kendo lessons. She notices how happy her sister appears and when she wakes up, Keitaro talks about how he and Naru were going to have fun this year while studying. Motoko realizes she needs to have more fun with her sword skills. She ties Keitaro up again, and is able to perform the Gods' Cry School Sword Technique Boulder Cutting Blade Second Form for the first time.

    Walking up the Hinata Inn steps one night, Keitaro notices a mysterious foreign woman up on the roof. He goes up to investigate, but she's gone by the time he arrives.

    Inside, Haruka tells Keitaro and Naru that everybody had to leave for various reasons and they'll be there tonight by themselves. They try to concentrate on their studying; only to be interrupted by Su, whom they had forgotten about. They decide to prepare the house for the upcoming storm and Su reveals that she likes Keitaro because he reminds her of her brother. She also claims to have found the food supplies(by which she means Tama-chan). Tama-chan bites her and flies off, and Su unveils her latest invention: Mecha Tama-chan! Mecha Tama-chan goes out of control and injures Keitaro; causing Su to feel guilty.

    Keitaro wakes up after the storm. He goes looking for Su and Naru, but instead finds the foreign woman up on the roof again. Keitaro talks to her and discovers that the woman is Su. The red moon causes her to age, and she was up on the roof to reminisce about her family. She asks Keitaro if he wants to kiss, but switches back to her younger hyperactive self before they can.

    The next day, Su tries out her NEW invention: the Mecha Tama-chan 2.

    Kitsune is listening to the horse races on the radio, but unfortunately the horse she had bet on loses. Naru complains that all Kitsune ever does is drink and gamble. Kitsune decides that Naru and Keitaro are being suspicious and decides to spy on them. Su and Sarah join her, but Naru catches them.

    Kitsune decides she's had enough of Keitaro and Naru taking their relationship slowly, and decides to take matters into her own hands. She knocks Naru out, and uses one of Su's inventions to manipulate Naru in the outside bath. They call Keitaro into the bath, and try to get him to kiss Naru. Unfortunately for them(and Keitaro), she wakes up and raises hell.

    Naru's had enough of Kitsune's meddling and starts asking HER questions. Kitsune gets flustered and admits that she's always loved Keitaro. She moves to kiss him, but Naru can't stand it and yells out. Kitsune reveals that she was faking and mentions how important honesty is in a relationship.

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 34: Let's Go to the Beach!
    • Chapter 35: A Passionnate Midsummer's Night
    • Chapter 36: He That Became the Fireworks
    • Chapter 37: Lovely Goku and Her Funtastic Friends ♥
    • Chapter 38: A Happening and a Kiss ♥
    • Chapter 39: Kiss Me Sempai! ♥
    • Chapter 40: A Budding Young Maiden's Mountain Training?!
    • Chapter 41: The Secret of the Mysterious Girl ♥
    • Chapter 42: I Just Can't Be True...


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