Love Hina #4

    Love Hina » Love Hina #4 - Vol. 4 released by Tokyopop on August 2002.

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    Haruka is alone reading the newspaper, when the gang comes busting in from their Osaka adventure in the previous volume. Haruka agrees to let Keitaro continue as landlord.

    The next day, Naru attends her high school graduation. She has to deal with her classmates questions about her failing the exam, and she reminisces about the man with whom she made her promise to get into Tokyo University. She is in a sour mood as she returns home, and she snaps at Keitaro. Keitaro tries to find out what's wrong but accidentally walks in on her changing; which makes things worse. As he heads back downstairs, Kitsune catches him and tells him to get ready for the annual cherry blossom festival.

    Coming back from making a beer run, Keitaro meets a mysterious man outside of Hinata House. The man disappears before Keitaro can introduce himself.

    Back at the cherry blossom festival, Naru is feeling better and goes outside to join everyone.

    Naru is bored and she decides to see what Keitaro is doing. She walks in on HIM changing for once, but Keitaro is still the one that gets beat up. She dresses up the turtle that Mutsumi gave them and puts makeup on it. She and Keitaro discuss names for the turtle, when Su shows up and tries to eat it. The turtle flies away(yes... it's a flying turtle) still wearing Naru's watch. Keitaro and Naru search the house for the turtle and they check everyone's room. Motoko reveals she is deathly afraid of turtles. They find the turtle in Su's room, but Su was trying to cook it and it flies away. They finally find the turtle relaxing in the hot springs. Reading the note that came with the turtle reveals that it is a hot springs turtle and likes to take hot baths once a day.

    Keitaro goes to ask Motoko about her dinner duty that night, and as is customary for him, walks in on her changing. Motoko challengs him to a duel: If Keitaro wins, she will do whatever Keitaro wishes. If Motoko wins, Keitaro has to go through Motoko's Training of Hell.

    They duel, and through sheer luck Keitaro manages to grab Motoko's blade and win the duel. Motoko plans to commit seppuku(ritual suicide), Keitaro says that his wish is for Motoko to be more feminine.

    The other residents give Motoko a makeover and lessons in being "lady-like". Motoko is miserable because she's trying to be something she's not. Keitaro manages to cheer her up and she challenges Keitaro to a rematch. This time Motoko wins, but she declines to punish him. She claims that if there is a woman who is "unfeminine"; she must be balanced by a man who is "unmasculine".

    Keitaro decides to get a part-time job to earn some extra money. After several tries; he finally gets a job as a waiter. Unfortunately Kitsune is there, drunk as usual, and gets him fired.

    Later, he and Kitsune start talking about Naru. Kitsune reveals that Naru used to be a very poor student, until about two years ago. She fell in love with her tutor and when he left to go overseas; Naru promised to get into Tokyo University for him.

    Kitsune leaves, and Keitaro tries to digest the information. It starts to rain, and Naru shows up with an umbrella. She teases Keitaro, and he asks her about her tutor. Naru admits that the promise to her tutor was the reason she was trying to get into Tokyo U. Heartbroken, Keitaro runs off.

    Back at Hinata House, Keitaro and Naru get into a fight. Shinobu tells Keitaro that Naru had gone out to give him an umbrella. Keitaro tries to apologize; to no avail.

    Keitaro has finally found a part-time job as a "stuff mover". He confides to Kitsune that he plans togive up on Tokyo U. Naru overhears.

    Keitaro's new boss turns out to be the same man who had been outside of Hinata House earlier. His name is Noriyasu Seta, and he teaches archeology at Tokyo U. Keitaro's job is to help Seta deliver a stack of artifacts to the university. Keitaro meets Seta's American daughter. Her name is Sarah and she's eight years old. She is also a trouble-making brat.

    After they arrive at the university, Seta rushes off to his class and forgets about paying Keitaro. Keitaro waits around for him and realizes that he also left Sarah. Sarah spends the day harassing Keitaro, until Seta finally shows up. He apologizes, but is pleased that Sarah found somebody to play with. He offers Keitaro a job as his assistant and Keitaro accepts.

    Back at Hinata House, Keitaro tells Naru about his new job. To Keitaro's surprise, she is angry about him giving up on college.

    Keitaro is at Hinata House watching over Sarah, while Seta is gone for the day. He introduces her to Naru and tries to convince Naru that Sarah is a major brat. Naru, of course, falls for Sarah's innocent act. Sarah forms a plan to get Keitaro in trouble with Naru by trapping him in the bath and then luring Naru in. The plan fails when Keitaro and Naru find out Sarah's embarrassing secret: she has a birthmark in the shape of a panda bear on her butt.

    Seta and Sarah are grilling outside of their van. Sarah mentions that Keitaro lives at Hinata House. Seta is surprised.

    Later, they show up at Hinata House. Kitsune answers the the door and recognizes Seta as Naru's former tutor. When he asks about Naru; she makes up a story about Naru traveling Eurasia. Seta is somewhat gullible and believes her. Keitaro shows up, and Kitsune realizes that Naru's former tutor is now Keitaro's boss. She decides to have some fun.

    She calls a meeting of the other residents and tells them what's going on. They decide to help Keitaro by keeping Naru and Seta from meeting. Hijinks ensue.

    Naru and Seta meet for a split second in the outdoor bath, but Motoko and Kitsune throw Sarah and Su from upstairs and knock the couple out. When Naru comes to, Kitsune manages to convince her it was just a dream.

    Keitaro is eating lunch with Seta and Sarah at the university. They discuss Keitaro's future plans, and Seta reveals that he was a third year ronin before he got accepted to Tokyo U, also. This gives Keitaro hope and he decides to pick up an application for the next mock exam. He runs into Naru and she's happy that he's not going to give up.

    Back at Hinata House, the turtle(Tama-chan) has somehow gotten hold of Seta's lighter. She flies and gives it to Naru. Naru and Keitaro reminisce about Mutsumi and Naru's former tutor. They also talk about their feelings for each other. Naru asks him if he likes her and Keitaro stammers that he guesses he does. Maybe. Naru yells at him for being such a wimp and declares that she doesn't like him at all. She then smiles, and says, "But that's not to say I hate you."

    They almost kiss until Seta nearly crashes his van into them. Seta climbs out of his van and he and Naru greet each other. Keitaro is confused until he realizes... Seta is the man Naru made her promise to.

    The chapter starts exactly where the last one ended. Naru runs away. She's ecstatic to see Seta, but also trying to sort out her feelings for Keitaro. They catch up with Naru, and go inside to talk. Naru is being very clumsy and generally acting very Keitaro-like. Seta tells Naru that he thinks being a ronin will be a good experience for her and to cheer up.

    Later, Keitaro is up on the roof and he's depressed. Naru comes up to talk to him and to apologize for before. Keitaro shocks Naru by planning to help her get together with Seta. The rest of the gang show up and decide to help Keitaro.

    Hijinks ensue, but Keitaro finally proclaims to Seta that Naru likes him. Seta surprises her by saying he likes her, too. He then shocks everyone by saying he also likes Keitaro. And Kitsune. Hinta House is a great place and he likes everyone there.

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 25: When the Cherry Blossoms Bloom
    • Chapter 26: The Hinata House Runaway
    • Chapter 27: Kendo Girl's Tiny Little Problem
    • Chapter 28: In the Downpour With You
    • Chapter 29: HELP! Working Part-Time is a Killer
    • Chapter 30: Battle! Print Club Man vs. Earthenware Girl
    • Chapter 31: Missing You At Hinata House
    • Chapter 32: A Sudden Resume
    • Chapter 33: I Love You, Sempai!


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