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    Love Hina » Love Hina #3 - Vol. 3 released by Tokyopop on July 2002.

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    Keitaro and Naru come home from the day's exam. They are both sure they passed so the gang throws them a party. Later they go for a walk and discuss Tokyo University.

    The next day, Keitaro finally tells Naru that she is the girl he made his promise to go to Tokyo U with. Naru tells him that he is mistaken. The promise she made was two years ago with a certain someone. Keitaro is crestfallen as they go to take their final exam.

    It's the day of the exam results get announced. Keitaro has still not gotten over the fact that Naru is not his promise girl. They go to the university to see their results. Keitaro, as he expected, has failed. He goes to congratulate Naru who, unbelievably, has also failed. They go to a restaurant and end up getting drunk to ease their pain. They end up getting into an argument, and Naru tells Keitaro she never wants to see him again. Keitaro decides he needs to get away for awhile.

    Keitaro is on his way to Kyoto to clear his mind. As he left without telling anyone where he was going, he decides to call Hinata House and let them know he's okay. At the phone, he realized he doesn't have any change. A lady in the next booth hands him a phone card, and he calls the dorm. Shinobu answers the phone and Keitaro tries to tell her what's going on, but the phone card runs out of money before he can finish. Shinobu and the gang leap to the conclusion that Keitaro and Naru have eloped.

    Back on the train, Keitaro bumps into the mysterious lady who had given him the phone card. The lady puts her glasses on's Naru! Naru storms off, believing Keitaro had followed her on HER emotion-cleansing journey. Later, it is revealed that unbeknownst to each other, Keitaro and Naru are staying at the same hotel.

    At Hinata House, Su and Shinobu leave a note for the others and head out on their own to find Keitaro and Naru.

    In Kyoto meanwhile, Keitaro and Naru keep encountering each other at various tourist destinations. They run into each other again at the hotel bath. They discover they keep meeting because they're both following the same tourist brochure from the Hinata House lobby. They calm down and apologize to each other, when a bunch of people walk in to take advantage of the mixed baths. Unfortunately, it's mostly old men. Keitaro and Naru manage to embarrass themselves again and rush off.

    On the way to their rooms, the owner of the inn stops them tells them that the inn is overbooked. Since Keitaro and Naru both came from the same address; she has put them both in the same room for the night.

    While Keitaro and Naru are forced to sleep in the same room together; Motoko and Kitsune find the note Su left and head out in search of her and Shinobu. Keitaro and Naru play ping-pong until they both decide to go to sleep. Naru puts a divider between the futons and tells Keitaro that if he crosses it, she will kill him. When Naru wakes up in the morning, she finds that Keitaro had tied himself up in his futon to keep from doing anything perverted. Naru is impressed.

    Keitaro and Naru are on a ferry to their next destination. Keitaro accidentally bumps into a woman and knocks her down. They're afraid that they've killed her, until she regains consciousness and introduces herself. Her name is Mutsumi Otohime. She's anemic and prone to fainting spells. She is also very, VERY clumsy.

    Later, Keitaro and Naru are having dinner and briefly discuss the guy Naru had made her promise with. Musumi shows up, accidentally dropping a bunch of squid on them. Keitaro notices that Mutsumi has a copy of her last will and testament in her pocket.

    Later still, Keitaro and Naru are walking about the ship when they see Mutsumi about to fall overboard. Convinced that she is about to commit suicide, they come to her rescue. Mutsumi explains that she wasn't trying to kill herself, she just carries a copy of her will with her at all times because she's so weak she never knows when she just might keel over. Mutsumi also reveals that she decided to go on a journey of healing after failing her college entrance exam.

    As they depart the ferry, Keitaro and Naru are discussing how similar Mutsumi's situation is to their own. Mutsumi shows up and asks if she can travel with them.

    Keitaro, Naru and Mutsumi are having dinner in Kagoshima. Keitaro and Mustumi are both three-year ronins(students who failed to get into college three years in a row). Naru marvels at how similar they are to each other. They get a hotel room together, which Naru had to pay for since the other two had lost their wallets.

    At the hotel, Naru begins to feel a little jealous over how much Keitaro and Mutsumi have in common. She goes to take a shower while Mutsumi asks Keitaro how he feels about Naru. In the shower, Naru is trying to overcome her feelings of jeaoulsy when Mutsumi walks in. She's a little drunk and wants to bathe Naru. She tells Naru that Keitaro said that he liked her. She causes Naru to slip and fall and Naru realizes that Mutsumi is exactly like a female clone of Keitaro. Having heard the commotion, Keitaro rushes in and gets pounded by Naru for his troubles.

    Meanwhile, Kitsune is forcing Motoko to perform sword tricks to earn money for their trip.

    Keitaro, Naru, and Mutsumi are stranded in a raft at sea. A flashback reveals that they were on their way to visit Mutsumi's family in Okinawa. They wash up on shore and Naru tries to sort out her feelings toward Keitaro. She catches Mutsumi kissing Keitaro and runs away. Keitaro chases after her and tries to tell Naru that he loves her, but a passing boat interrupts. They find out that the island they've been on is Mutsumi's back yard. As the group says goodbye, Mutsumi gives Keitaro and Naru a box and also gives Naru a kiss. Naru is taken aback, but Mutsumi apologizes says she has a bad habit of kissing people when she likes them a lot. Naru and Keitaro open up the box Mutsumi had given them to reveal... a hot springs turtle.

    Su and Shinobu have finally made it to Kyoto after accidentally traveling all over Japan. They unknowingly walk past Kitsune, who is still cajoling Motoko into performing for money. Back at their hotel, the owner notices some pictures they have and tells them that Keitaro and Naru stayed there a few days ago.

    The next day, Su uses one of her gadgets to read the ferry passenger list and discovers that Keitaro and Naru are in Okinawa. Unfortunately, Su and Shinobu are out of money. Shinobu is forced to sell matches on the street, when some mobsters show up. They want to put Shinobu to work for them, bu Su and Shinobu run away. They ask a lady for help who turns out to be Motoko. She uses a special sword technique to defeat the gangsters.

    Meanwhile, Keitaro and Naru are feeding their turtle and discussing their future plans. Naru tells Keitaro that she knows he likes her. They are about to kiss, when BAM! Su shows up and gives Keitaro a kick to the face. The rest of the gang shows up, and they all decide to go back to Hinata House.

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 16: Birth of the Tokyo University Couple!
    • Chapter 17: Congratulations on Getting Into Tokyo U!
    • Chapter 18: A Journey of Sorrow and Youth
    • Chapter 19: Heart Flutterings and Mixed Bathings
    • Chapter 20: A Virginal Night
    • Chapter 21: Oh Me, Oh My, Otohime Appears!!
    • Chapter 22: Sorry For Being So Alike ♥
    • Chapter 23: Palpitations While Gloating Away!
    • Chapter 24: Everyone Get Together! The Little Match Girl Plan


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