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Continuing from the previous issue, the gang welcomes Keitaro back to Hinata House. After spending six months studying in America with Seta, he's grown to resemble his mentor even more. He asks why everyone is dressed so strangely, and Kanako comes up to greet him. Unfortunately, Keitaro doesn't recognize his adopted sister. She tries to hug him, but accidentally pushes him into Naru, who then uppercuts him.

The residents throw him a party and ask him questions about America. He gives them their gifts, which turns out to be lingerie. He blames one of his friends for picking the skimpy outfits out. He apologizes to Kanako because he didn't know she would be there, but he gives her a box of marshmallow peeps to make up for it. He then goes looking for Naru, and finds her up on the ceiling; upset about her situation with Kanako(see prev. chapter). Keitaro tells her that she was the one he missed the most while he was gone, and they talk for a bit. Kanako, meanwhile, can overhear them and forlornly bites the head off a peep.

Later, we find Keitaro relaxing alone in the hot springs. Naru surprises him by joining him and asking him how he feels about Kanako. She tries to kiss him, until the real Naru jumpkicks him in the face. Naru demands an explanation, and Kanako(who had been impersonating her until the attack) tells her that she was just trying to help her brother. As Naru and Keitaro walk off, Kanako silently vows to not give up on him.

Naru wakes up one morning, and remembering that Keitaro has returned, she excitedly attempts to wake him through the hole in her floor. She is shocked to find Kanako in the futon with him. She jumps down and throws a fit, but Kanako reveals she was just sleeping with his rolled up blanket; Kanako was gone by the time she awoke. From outside comes the noise of swordfighting.

The two rivals rush outside to find Motoko and Keitaro sparring. Motoko wins, but Keitaro surprises everyone by remaining competitive. Keitaro then tells everyone he needs to see Haruka, and heads off to the cafe. Kitsune teases the other girls by suggesting that Keitaro must have gotten laid while he was gone. The other residents balk, but Kitsune pulls out a blonde hair that she says she found in Keitaro's pants(why was she in his pants?).

Keitaro gives Haruka a gift that Seta had bought for her, and she tells him about all the problems they've faced since Kanako arrived. Keitaro is curious, and Haruka tells him that Kanako and Naru might kill each other. Keitaro decides it's his job to straighten things out. He then asks Naru and Kanako to go somewhere with him.

They arrive at an indoor waterpark. He tells them that he's heard about their problems, and he wants them to swim off their bad karma. He then gives them swimsuits he brought from America, and tells them pick out the ones they want. While doing so he makes an offhand comment about someone named "Jody". Whey they asks him about it, he says it was nothing important.

Hijinks ensue on the waterslide, and they end up in a pile together. Naru and Kanako finally confront him about his relations with "some blonde chick named Jody". Keitaro reveals that Jody was the pet orangutan of the people he was staying with. Thinking that this was why Naru and Kanako were fighting and that the situation is now fixed, Keitaro suggests they head for home.

Keitaro has a dream where he's washing Kanako-chan's hair, and they promise to run an inn together. He wakes up puzzled by the dream, and is even more confused when all the other residents are in his room welcoming him to the Hinata Inn. They had forgotten to tell Keitaro that the girls dorm was now an inn. Kanako comes in bemoaning their service technique, and he confronts he about it. She tells him that their grandmother okayed it because they needed some new cash flow. Keitaro then decides they need a hostess(much to Kanako's chagrin). He tells them that he'll watch them, and whoever does the best job gets to be hostess. As can be expected hijinks ensue as everyone tries to service Keitaro. Keitaro eventually decides to call it a draw, and Kanako asks him about their promise. Keitaro is totally befuddled and doesn't remember making a promise with her.

Kanako decides to give it one more shot, and confronts Keitaro in his washtub bath. She tells him that she wants to demonstrate her reception skills, and proceeds to wash his hair just like he did to her in his dream. She doesn't have much luck, so she finally tries to tell him that she loves him, but unfortunately passes out from the steam and heat.

As he lays Kanako in her bed, Naru confronts him about his promise he made to Kanako to run an inn together. Keitaro is stunned that his dream was true.

Keitaro wakes up troubled because his dreams of Kanako are getting more and more vivid. Things get worse Su, Sarah, and Mutsumi wake him and question his "morning excitement". He takes a bath and then meditates to clear his head. Naru interrupts to tell him that the registrars office called and that he needs to fill out some paperwork. Keitaro attempts to leave, but unfortunately keeps running into Kanako in embarrassing situations. After walking in on the other residents changing for the hot springs, they confront him about Kanako and his earlier "excitement". Keitaro manages to assure them that he doesn't like Kanako that way. Naru suggests that they go on a date in an attempt to force Kanako to get over him. Keitaro thinks that's a great idea, and tells Naru to meet him in the Hinata House annex later that night.

Later that night, Kanako is taking a bath in the hot springs when Kuro jumps out and runs off. Kanako follows him. Meanwhile, Keitaro unseals annex and explains a little about it's history. He tells us that the Hinata Annex was infamous for it's magical ability to bind couples together, and was eventually sealed off because it was so powerful. He sees a silhouette enter, and holds her close. He tells the figure that he's always loved her and reiterates his promise to go to Tokyo U. At this moment, Naru enters the annex telling Keitaro that she had to finish his paperwork. Keitaro is shocked to find that the person he's holding is Kanako.

Keitaro and Naru tell Haruka about what happened in the annex. She angrily tells them that the place was sealed due to the magic being too powerful. As they leave, they run into Kanako. She asks Keitaro to help her with her math problems, and much to Naru's frustration, he agrees.

Naru keeps trying to interrupt the tutoring, but every time she gets close, events transpire to keep her away. Finally, she convinces Keitaro that they need to counteract magic with magic by fulfilling their promise to go to Tokyo University together. As they ride in the van, Keitaro tries to give Naru a ring, but is surprised to find that Kanako, Motoko, Shinobu, and Su have stowed away for the ride. Keitaro gets flustered and ends up going the wrong way. The gang is now lost in the woods.

Su finds a hot spring, and the women relax for a bit. The other residents ask Naru how she feels about Keitaro, and she is unable to give them a direct answer. Fortunately(for Naru), they're attacked by a horde of monkeys. Keitaro rushes to see what the commotion is all about, and somehow(it's magic!) the ring ends up on Kanako's finger. He apologizes and tells her that ring is a gift for Naru. Kanako asks why Naru deserves it and again asks Naru about her feelings for Keitaro. Unable to answer, Naru runs away. A caption informs us that she "even had the audacity to ride home in the same vehicle afterwards".

Keitaro wakes from yet another dream about Kanako to find that Naru, unable to deal with her feelings for Keitaro and the situation with Kanako, has left Hinata House. Su uses her radar to discover that Naru is heading north. She and Keitaro take his van and head after her. Unfortunately, Kanako, Motoko, and Shinobu stow away with them.

Naru is on a train and is surprised to find that she has her own stow aways: Kitsune and Mutsumi. They comfort her, while also satiating their own desire for lots and lots of food and beer. As she looks out the window, Naru is frightened to see Keitaro and his crew boarding the train. She tries to escape, but they manage to confront her. Keitaro tries to give her the ring, but Kanako won't leg go of it and insults Naru. Fortunately for Naru, Mutsumi detonates a watermelon smoke bomb and they manage to make their escape.

Naru, Mutsumi, and Kitsune arrive at the hotel where Naru has a room booked. Unbeknownst to Naru, Keitaro and his crew arrive soon after. Keitaro tries to relax in the hotel hot spring, but has to deal with Kanako. She harasses him and ties him up after he declines her advances. Naru is on the other side of the bath ;behind a fence. She hears the commotion, and thinking it's a couple "getting it on", goes to give them a piece of her mind. She finds Keitaro tied up and tries to give him a piece of her mind, but Kanako manages to intervene and counter Naru's punch, telling her that it's the "power of the ring". Naru runs away miserable, leaving Keitaro to pay for the hotel damages.

Using Su's radar, Keitaro and his crew have managed to track Naru and her posse to the most northern bound train in Japan. Since they have no way of losing her, they decide to take a break. Motoko leads a study group, while Keitaro takes a nap. Unfortunately, Kanako will not leave him alone. He finally manages to drift off, and Kanako hears him talking about Naru in his sleep. As she debates what to do, she notices that the Naru-radar starts to go off. She realizes that Naru was on the back of the train the whole time and decides to follow her as the train makes a stop.

Naru leaves Mutsumi and Kitsune in a noodle shop, while she goes to work off some anger at the arcade. She plays a game called "Super Roninz Gate" against a mysterious challenger. The challenger reveals herself to be Kanako, and she defeats Naru handily. Naru runs, and Kanako chases her through the town and all the way to a hotel. Kanako catches her in the hot springs and tries to make Naru come clean about her feelings for Keitaro. They end up in a brutal brawl, but stop when they notice Keitaro and Su enter. Su notices her radar that Kanako had left out, and discovers that Naru is underwater. She drops some depth charges, forcing the two combatants to surface. Naru again attempts to obfuscate her feelings for Keitaro, but Kanako bonks her on the head and runs off with her unconscious body. Keitaro and Su wonder what in the world is going on.

The chapter begins with flashbacks to all the times that Naru has denied her love for Keitaro. As she comes to, Kanako tells her that she's been out for four hours. They're on the Hatsukari 13 train; still on the run from Keitaro. Kanako asks Naru why she couldn't tell Keitaro that she loved him, and Naru stammers out that she just isn't ready. Kanako tells her that at the rate she's going, she won't ever be ready. Kanako notices the police boarding the train at Hakodate, and she and Naru decide they'd better get off.

As they wander the streets of Hakodate, they discover via a TV news program that they and Keitaro's crew are wanted criminals for all the destruction they've caused. Naru asks Kanako why she's helping her; Kanako tells her that she's too timid. They manage to avoid Keitaro and Su, but end up running into Motoko. She and Kanako duel it out, and Motoko gets the upper hand. Fortunately, Naru grabs Tama-chan and frightens Motoko into submission. They tie her up and make their escape.

They take a breather, and Kanako takes out her disguise kit. Her plan is for her and Naru to switch places. As they finish disguising themselves, Keitaro and Su arrive and the chase is on. Su goes after Kanako(Naru), while Keitaro chases after Naru(Kanako). Thanks to the annex's magic, he is able to catch up with her. Kanako insults him and does her best Naru impression, but Keitaro reveals that he knew it was her and apologizes for not being able to keep his promise of running an inn. He thanks her for helping Naru. With tears in her eyes, Kanako gives him back the ring and tells him that she's only lending him to Naru. Keitaro tells her that she's as stubborn as he is, and together they get in his van.

Still using Su's radar, they're able to track Naru onto yet another train. They try to get her attention, but soon discover that police are chasing THEM.

As Haruka and Sarah wonder about the strange noises coming from the Hinata House annex, Keitaro and his crew are after with Naru, with a large police force in pursuit of THEM. Naru manages to get off at the final train stop, and narrowly avoids being run over by Su. Kanako's cat Kuro manages to distract the squad cars, while Keitaro and the others pursue after Naru on foot. They find themselves surrounded a news crew and more police. Kanako, Motoko, and Su join forces to take out the police, leaving Keitaro, Shinobu, Kitsune, and Mutsumi to chase after Naru. Shinobu is forced to block traffic, and the others carry on.

They finally chase Naru all the way to the northern-most edge of Japan. Naru keeps backing up, and with no other options she threatens to jump the cliff. Keitaro tells her that if she does he'll jump right after. He then pull out the ring, and tells her that Kanako is letting her have it back. Naru pauses for a moment, and with help from Tama-chan and Kuro; Mutusmi grabs her. Keitaro steps forward, but the annex's magic creates very strong winds that push him back. He finally reaches Naru, but the wind causes him to slip and fall off the edge of the cliff. With a shout of "I love you!", Naru jumps after him. As Haruka and Sarah watch the annex collapse, Naru and Keitaro get caught on a tree a few feet from the ground. Keitaro asks her if she's okay. Naru repeatedly yells out that she loves him and with tears of joy in her eyes she kisses him passionately. They fall into the water and are still kissing as the others arrive.

Chapter Titles

  • Hinata 97: Please Give Me A Memory!
  • Hinata 98: The Suspicious Blonde!!
  • Hinata 99: Double-Booked Promises!
  • Hinata 100: Sister Syndrome
  • Hinata 101: Teeming With Magic
  • Hinata 102: Heartbreak Crossing
  • Hinata 103: If You Run, The Stalker Will Follow
  • Hinata 104: Never Give Up!
  • Hinata 105: Crazy For You At the Edge of the World


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